Why I Change My Art Style All The Time - Animation

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Katzun 9 oy oldin
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London Finnley
London Finnley 13 kun oldin
@Vincenzo Jesse Cool! It took roughly 10 minutes but it worked!!
Vincenzo Jesse
Vincenzo Jesse 13 kun oldin
Dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google xD
ꨄ •Vënuš༘• ꨄ
ꨄ •Vënuš༘• ꨄ 3 oy oldin
ꨄ •Vënuš༘• ꨄ
ꨄ •Vënuš༘• ꨄ 3 oy oldin
ꨄ •Vënuš༘• ꨄ
ꨄ •Vënuš༘• ꨄ 3 oy oldin
Bruce Boinkers
Bruce Boinkers 6 soat oldin
It’s okay to spice things up! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!!
gia lonn
gia lonn 8 soat oldin
ok but all their art is the shitttttttttttttt
•A L I•
•A L I• 20 soat oldin
Kat, I know how you feel about animation. I did a project for school that i decided will be an animation, and i just started doing THE FRICKING LINE ART (+ i need to get it done till thursday)
Potato Productions
Potato Productions Kun oldin
I have allwase loved the changes. They provide a visual variety and is extremely refreshing.
Dylan Sandbrook
Dylan Sandbrook 2 kun oldin
favourite style, has pawbs 10/10
Puppy Girl
Puppy Girl 2 kun oldin
Me trying to draw right now on the verge of a break down because my pencil sharpener broke
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 3 kun oldin
I think it’s fine if u choose different art styles all the time! That’s what I want to do on my UZpost channel!
AlphaAreus 4 kun oldin
1:40 Kat basically nailed my whole wc design thing. I started off with incredibly simple designs for the characters, and now my designs look liked they were chewed up by evanescence and vomited into a pile of hot topic clothes from 2009.
NITRIC FOX 78 4 kun oldin
i discovered you 5-8 min ago and have one thing to say to you you funny
LPS Yorks
LPS Yorks 5 kun oldin
I love all your art styles!
jack8561 jack8561
jack8561 jack8561 7 kun oldin
I actually love the intro meow meow my itty bitty kitty litter
Mega Music
Mega Music 8 kun oldin
Seeing you and other UZpost's like Mrs.Breezy come out of the closet and seeing a bunch of LGNTQ+ characters in modern media helped me come out of the closet as an asexual cisgender female.
Fairy Blu
Fairy Blu 8 kun oldin
I also like your trans Kat art style but it's more for the representation of coming out than for the actual style (which I still like). But if I had to choose an absolute favourite, it would be your current style, the one you animated "Art is Dead" with. It really shows your improvement and growth as an artist and as a person and fully becoming who you are. And I admire you for that.
DefiantAxis 9 kun oldin
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck
SoLoCAT 10 kun oldin
I feel ur pain I've started animating on yt and GUESS WAT I DONT USE FLIP A CLIP OR ANY DRAWING APP I draw all the pictures then have to EDIT them together (curse u flipaclip for not having stabilizer!!!!)
Nugget 11 kun oldin
I actually enjoy the change- its fun to see all the different kats lol
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] 11 kun oldin
1:39 ...
RainbowWolf 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one who think it’s really cool to see people improve their art, and actually enjoys whatever their newest art style is? lol
CinderCats 11 kun oldin
I agree that the style used in the “I’m Transgender” video is ✨uwu✨ tier. It was my favorite style! But it’s perfectly fine to change it!
BanannaArtist B
BanannaArtist B 11 kun oldin
:0 I like the change of styles.
Squirrel Studios
Squirrel Studios 12 kun oldin
M i n e c r a f t b e d r o c k e d i t i o n lol, why did i notice this
Rachel The Soggy Fry
Rachel The Soggy Fry 12 kun oldin
ol i watched you so long ago, i honestly like the old style but this is also very good
I just Like pets- 1010
I just Like pets- 1010 17 kun oldin
Melohn Bobo
Melohn Bobo 17 kun oldin
U look like u can kill someone with I don’t think u willl because your just that that’s impossible for u to kill someone am I right or not
Edward Raven
Edward Raven 17 kun oldin
The fact that you let the comets get to you is not your fault they should not exist in the first place
The Artist
The Artist 19 kun oldin
5:47 is a avatar the last airbender reference.
Moon Studios
Moon Studios 19 kun oldin
KatZun is just speaking facts I hate when people get so mad at like TV shows or animes when they change their style like, it's so hard to be an artist, and when you finally decide to change it, they get so mad like if it's not your art, then you can't say anything about it
AndytheIdi0t 21 kun oldin
rhodes grom
rhodes grom 23 kun oldin
I love my plush you are the reason I realized I was a furry 😸
ghost Drawwws
ghost Drawwws 23 kun oldin
pls katzun keep the art style it suits you so welll
cowzillaOwO 24 kun oldin
Your “ugly” art is better than my good art ;v;
the wolf studio
the wolf studio 24 kun oldin
8:20 Meanwhile, me up in this house just a normal dude who keeps playing extremely thicc women cause bloody hecc sometimes you just wanna be a thicc Dragonborn Barbarian.
Corester 25 kun oldin
Press 4 to pay respects to that bird
lielk foxer
lielk foxer 26 kun oldin
What are your pronoun's ÓwÒ
*blushes* 26 kun oldin
rdosanjh1 26 kun oldin
Kali Avellone
Kali Avellone 28 kun oldin
i like the new one and all of them :D
Danika Harrelson
Danika Harrelson 28 kun oldin
its fine to change styles :>
Jackson’s Drawing Corner
Jackson’s Drawing Corner 29 kun oldin
Is it weird that your least favorite is my favorite art style of yours?
weeby Oy oldin
Cheek bumps (remembers the original we are not your kind corey taylor mask) K A T W H Y (he is the guy from slipknot)
Jurassic Chicken
Jurassic Chicken Oy oldin
I really liked anime Kat qwq
- Mossyroll -
- Mossyroll - Oy oldin
I am so mad at myself because I try to animate but I feel like I CANT and i just give up and it makes me so mad 😭
Jeremy Barmore
Jeremy Barmore Oy oldin
honestly this style is my favorite- I love the thicc lines, eyes and beeg paws-
Zonia Manzo
Zonia Manzo Oy oldin
Me:gets a add that help u sleep ME:R U TELLING ME I HAVE A BAD SLEEP SCHEDULE?? Me:bc I do ... ;-;
propxnqity Oy oldin
this helped me so much! I always feel guilty for changing my art style all the time
shikimaiZe Oy oldin
This current style is bootiful like chefs kiss👁👄👁
Kai Kaminari
Kai Kaminari Oy oldin
I think your art is amazing!!!! You are an amazing artist!!!! :D
for the love of DOG
for the love of DOG Oy oldin
The first style looks like scott pilgrim
Luciana Perez Hinojosa
Luciana Perez Hinojosa Oy oldin
I honestly love how your artstyle changes with time, you know? I like how you evolve with time, and how it gets better and better with every video you post, you honestly inspire me so much.
alastor the radio demon
alastor the radio demon Oy oldin
*says omg you changed her art style again i can't believe this in obvious lying* (i love your art style)
Arty Smarty
Arty Smarty Oy oldin
I love them all! Honestly as long as your happy with your art then I am too! :3
Lesbian Y/N - T/N
Lesbian Y/N - T/N Oy oldin
Could you, mayyyyyybe re-sell the jatzun plushie? Pretty please?
Lesbian Y/N - T/N
Lesbian Y/N - T/N Oy oldin
MochiMations _SI
MochiMations _SI Oy oldin
It ain’t a Katvatar it’s a fursona deal with that.
dugga 06
dugga 06 Oy oldin
Dude your current style is so cool :)
Wendy Parker
Wendy Parker Oy oldin
No I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ur vids owo ❤️❤️❤️
Dingo Comet
Dingo Comet Oy oldin
My favourite was the second design! Hehe 😉
XxCosmic_WinterxX Oy oldin
I love being an artist #UwU #OwO
The Tedy Family
The Tedy Family Oy oldin
• Day _ Dream •
• Day _ Dream • Oy oldin
“My art style is (forgot) now- meow”
Purple Roslet
Purple Roslet Oy oldin
I change my style about once a year..
Alexa Moss
Alexa Moss Oy oldin
"HELL yeah" me: HELL YEAH WOOOOOO my mom comes in "wtf did you say?!" o-o
mr. O
mr. O Oy oldin
People be you change your art style again. Artist be like “ it’s a work in progress”
Sīlver Oy oldin
I saw joleyne from jjba on your Twitter, kind of hard to tell though
UwU Bish
UwU Bish Oy oldin
I just realized, both the cat animators I watch are trans.. I love it. For real tho, I am in the closet. I am trans, but I haven't told anyone. Besides people online, since they don't know me irl. Seeing someone else who's trans openly talk about it makes me feel happy.
Galactic Multiverse
Galactic Multiverse Oy oldin
I think it’s nice it gives viraty
Blaze Penguin
Blaze Penguin Oy oldin
"sparkle uwu tier" "SPARKLE UWU TIER FOR TRANS KAT"
cyrus TSE
cyrus TSE Oy oldin
You gonna explain
cyrus TSE
cyrus TSE Oy oldin
In the night
trashzy 2 oy oldin
Their art style gets more gay per art style
Alexandra Jauregui
Alexandra Jauregui 2 oy oldin
My mom worked with someone that looks like you
the swagger named sock
the swagger named sock 2 oy oldin
_b o o b y c h o p p y_
redthefox 2 oy oldin
I liked the style that was last one
omelet 2 oy oldin
14:08 haha funny 4:20 comedy 100
Brenya Shaw
Brenya Shaw 2 oy oldin
Haven’t seen you in so long because I forgot about you and forgot you were trans! I realized I was trans last week :D
Inari Okami
Inari Okami 2 oy oldin
i would love to see all the cat avatars but only if youre okay with that.
Awesome Auggie 1016
Awesome Auggie 1016 2 oy oldin
Hmm two of my favorite story time animators katzun and chipflake have cats as their UZpost avatars used a puppet model, and have a problem with throwing the strategy out the window by making a new style all of the time... coincidence, yes 100%
Trent hinz plush God
Trent hinz plush God 2 oy oldin
You draw beter then me
•Nova_ Floof•
•Nova_ Floof• 2 oy oldin
Tbh I love all of your art styles
weeby 2 oy oldin
you use clipstudio as well me to
Sally Pie
Sally Pie 2 oy oldin
this was posted on my b-day
RaviovIsWierd 2 oy oldin
even your trash art is better than my art
Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea 2 oy oldin
I honestly really don't care about your art style, as long as you're doing something that makes you happy!
Wesley Tatum
Wesley Tatum 2 oy oldin
Plushy is so cute,Plushy is so cute,plushy is so cute!
tuxskullz 2 oy oldin
your current artstyle reminds me of an artstyle i want to have in the near future
OpieTux 2
OpieTux 2 2 oy oldin
It’s booby-choppy
zill UwU
zill UwU 2 oy oldin
if ur purpl beccom katzun B)
Pinkymations 2 oy oldin
your art style helped me discovered my art style, like say the half eyes from the coming out video became something that just came into my style, along with the angular body style but I try my hardest to not directly copy your art and add my own flair of myself to it UwU
MEL_0 2 oy oldin
Can't relate to the trans gay part but can DEFINITELY relate to the boobie choppy part! I'm not part of the itty-bitty-tittie-committee (IBTC) (and I feel bad saying this, but its true) but i have tits. There have been many-a-time I've wanted to go boobie choppy with scissors -- yeah....we don't talk about that part and I do. On a different note, I don't have any sort of established art style and I've been an artist since I was very young. I'm actually planning on having multiple art styles.
Cherrienade 2 oy oldin
I change my art style a lot but im hoping i can find my own soon!
Chara Frisk
Chara Frisk 2 oy oldin
i like the different style and i think its good to show younger artiest that you can get better and style can change
Applesauce 2 oy oldin
*”Oh my gosh!Purple cat different :0”*
ProtoRetro 2 oy oldin
Animation is extremely hard. For one 15 minute animation with 60 Frames Per Second, there are 52,000 frames. Every second they are 60 Frames (obviously), in 15 minutes there are 900 seconds. So 60 X 900. If you draw each frame individually, you need to draw 52,000 images. Keep in mind that each drawing will have little variation and must stay uniform between each frame. So that is why animation sucks.
gacha bop
gacha bop 2 oy oldin
I never noticed that you changed your art style before- but I really like this muah
Burnt Snail
Burnt Snail 2 oy oldin
"Here's some ugly art" *Shows really good sketches* What kind of BS is this
EnidThePup 2 oy oldin
yeet the teets
C.J Draws Alot
C.J Draws Alot 2 oy oldin
can be jaring witch (add plays) the money calm bull... me: WHY
No Sleep Jones
No Sleep Jones 2 oy oldin
That beginning to the video is a whole ass mood
Biscuit 666
Biscuit 666 2 oy oldin
I like the art style changes! I change my art style all the time
초록색Istik Ivy
초록색Istik Ivy 2 oy oldin
I still steal the crayola pencils 😭
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