Overcoming FEAR of Failure (Storytime - Speedpaint)

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Katzun Yil oldin
Hey y’all I couldn’t find the pic of me and the mascot, just google “art the bee” you’ll see Thanks for watchin!!!
Shadowflake Drawz
Shadowflake Drawz Oy oldin
@Roshundra Rashid 👌
Roshundra Rashid
Roshundra Rashid Oy oldin
I like you
꧁wilbur ꨄ simp꧂
꧁wilbur ꨄ simp꧂ Oy oldin
Ew it was ugly ;-;
Amanda Albakry
Amanda Albakry 2 oy oldin
Shadowflake Drawz
Shadowflake Drawz 2 oy oldin
@Jack Plushie Places yup
The Fite Show
The Fite Show Kun oldin
i always pushed myself too hard when i was younger and made the decision to stop. and now everyone thinks im a lazy ass. cant win at this game of life
Helix The Raptor
Helix The Raptor 3 kun oldin
Me: feels like a failure and works until dinner at school and until 3AM at art. Also Me: sits in bed eating an orange and crying for five minutes because I’m hella depressed and don’t want to work.
NITRIC FOX 78 4 kun oldin
my parents ground me if i have a C
NITRIC FOX 78 4 kun oldin
right but we can agree your more special
BlazeOrbitmoon 5 kun oldin
Kat, I know you already know this as it’s been several years since you’ve done sporting, but Jeez Louis... if you are literally bleeding through a bundle of gauze that’s not ok! Be careful with your life, you only have one of it and only one pair of feet!
Clay Emotions
Clay Emotions 7 kun oldin
I miss these types of speeches. Watching this a year later is actually good timing- thank you ^^
Foxy 6 Wild
Foxy 6 Wild 19 kun oldin
Awwwwww that's sweet of you to say^w^
Finickyfennec 21 kun oldin
After reading the comments I think I'm the only one who actually likes the whole "MEOW MEOW MY ITTY BITTY KITTY LITTER~" more proof i'm a really weird person I guess....
AvaTheArtist 26 kun oldin
Bruh you know that stupid pacer test thing they did in school in PE class? I HAD A PANIC ATTACK IN 6TH GRADE BECAUSE I GOT SCARED BECAUSE OF SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED IN LIKE 1ST-2ND GRADE WHEN I DID IT FOR THE FIRST TIME or whatever grade they did that thing in for the first time. And I still am afraid of it. Idk why I’m putting this here but I mean- sorry for bad grammmmmar it’s late and idc bout grammar rn But ye, little crazy child me + loud evil voice forcing me to run back and forth in my least favorite class of school = basically a traumatic experience that still scares me to this day.
Colin Chung
Colin Chung 28 kun oldin
I think the people who have the worst fear of failure is the people who build Range Rovers
Roshundra Rashid
Roshundra Rashid Oy oldin
I like your house cuz you meet me in my house I got power ride with well I wish very very far away
Namsy Oy oldin
I am still struggling with my fear of failure and honestly, This video was really helpful, every time that I talk about my fears and anxiety, I start crying so I have to keep it to myself And your videos have been an emotional support and it’s really cool I am also homeschool now because school was too stressful, so I wanna say If its hurting you, DON’T please, try to make it less painful I always try to hide my struggles with school and lied to myself about how it affected me But after being homeschooled, I realized I am more happy than ever (The worst in this story is that no one believed me when I was saying that it hurt) So thanks to you to help me with my personal emotions :)
Em W
Em W Oy oldin
I’ve gotten As for the last around 8-9 years this year because of distance learning teachers have been more harsh because “we should be used to this” and my god the stress and insecurity is over whelming I get this 😅
Igotnojams_jiminee Oy oldin
Can kinda relate 😅
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez Oy oldin
You have felt too much pain 😭😭😭
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez Oy oldin
OMG I feel so bad for you 😭😭😭😭😭😭
failure studios
failure studios Oy oldin
Me too...me too
Caelyn Morton
Caelyn Morton Oy oldin
FunGi Channel
FunGi Channel Oy oldin
_"But I got no- I got no- Kakorrhaphiophobia!"_
Best name
Best name Oy oldin
That intro, oh my gosh I loved it
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor 2 oy oldin
the fear of failure is called Atychiphobia or Kakorrhaphiophobia
Jasmine Howe l Kito’s Animations
Jasmine Howe l Kito’s Animations 2 oy oldin
but I got no. But I got no. KAKORRHAPHIAPHOBIA
Danicafirecat :3
Danicafirecat :3 2 oy oldin
God this made me get all the feels
WhiteCoffee 2 oy oldin
I remember in 4th grade people would compare their grades to mine, and I got a C on a math test (which I normally got 100s on) and I decided, "screw it, make it funny" and stood on my desk and yelled "I GOT A C!!!" to the whole class when the teacher left the room. So that was fun, but the teacher walked in when I jumped off and I got in trouble. Still worth it, it got rid of a lot of my early social anxiety, me being the "smart kid".
Zohellina 2 oy oldin
I feel so smart, my initial thought when ready in the title was: Kakorrhaphiophobia B)
Jack Plushie Places
Jack Plushie Places 2 oy oldin
I like how in a later video she says not worried about ugly art and shows some "ugly art" literally all I'm thinking is it still looks good it doesn't motivate me I'm just even more sad now because her quote on quote ugly art is better than anything I've ever created
Milla- Mation
Milla- Mation 2 oy oldin
But I got no, but I got no, kakorraphiaphobia
SNOW furry TM ziro
SNOW furry TM ziro 2 oy oldin
I love your video Is just true UwU I am a furry end I am B
Lucy Froelich
Lucy Froelich 2 oy oldin
There’s a phobia for that it’s called kakorrhaphiophobia :D The fear of failer :|
Purp Pancake
Purp Pancake 2 oy oldin
How do you overcome the fear of growing up, I’m sure it makes no sense but I fear my family members dying, my dog dying and everything I love being left behind in history.
Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma 2 oy oldin
I Fail in school 2 times and now I don't have a fear of failuring because any failure is not bigger than this.
perrep 2 oy oldin
Ava Thomas
Ava Thomas 2 oy oldin
Oliver The Pittie Mix
Oliver The Pittie Mix 2 oy oldin
It’s ok- really. In the third grade I spelled cheese wrong. Yup. CHEESE. I said “C h e a s“
chessdrawz 2 oy oldin
im the opposite when I was younger, I always seemed to fail at everything. I was not the smartest kid and barely passed my grades. the only thing I was good at was art I felt like I would be nothing but a failure, so I gave up trying. I thought "why try when my best wasn't enough" even now, I struggle with it, because I couldn't bear to see another failing grade or result in general from something I tried my best for
baggish 2 oy oldin
I SAW THE COVER OF THIS AND IM LIKE “bruh she had kakorrhaphiophobia too-“ and I still have it
Sarah Siebert
Sarah Siebert 2 oy oldin
Ada Bevill
Ada Bevill 2 oy oldin
I compete in martial arts and I constantly have a fear of losing the match I'm fighting, and losing other people's respect, but I'm beginning to realize that losing one match is not going to make people lose respect for me, or not any people that matter anyways.
Toto 2 oy oldin
As long as you did your best I wish my mom was like that...
Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles 2 oy oldin
Don’t *EVER* apologize for saying those wonderful words It’s beautiful 🥺
Stix 702
Stix 702 2 oy oldin
Katzun: *I hate math* Me: finally someone who understands
remy the Ratatouille
remy the Ratatouille 2 oy oldin
I also have an issue with overworking myself. In fourth grade, I got really hurt because of soccer and it ended up with irreversible nerve damage and I kept running, trying to get perfect grades, and playing soccer. Now I cant feel my left leg and have to concentrate to walk
Orange Guy
Orange Guy 2 oy oldin
AmazonDrawz 2 oy oldin
I remember when it wasn't quarantine and I would play volleyball all the time I played through colds through headaches and at a certain point my mom forced me to stop because I had already fainted 2 times... I still do that but I cant play against a team cause of quarantine but once its done
AmazonDrawz 2 oy oldin
Ha Opposite with me i have a fear of failure so I don't do anything if i fail because of that zim fine if I spend so much time on it and fail it breaks me.
the engineer
the engineer 3 oy oldin
if anyone want to see the bee you do here is the link uzpost.info/vision/video/nbevl9ltipeQmIE.html im sorry
Rosseen Glimmer
Rosseen Glimmer 3 oy oldin
We're all here for you if you ever struggle. Kat is awesome! Thanks for the fanart recognition btw!
Captain galaxy
Captain galaxy 3 oy oldin
At my primary school the grade system was werid each letter stood for a word and C was the A+ so when I kept getting C I tried to do better until I realised I can't do better
Лягушка 3 oy oldin
Uww your voice is so lovely ;D
Plague 3 oy oldin
Man track and field in texas was always the worst, they would always make you do the sack races and that one thing where you race and then give your next teammate the stick thingy. And if you messed up on something you would be made fun of because it's texas and you're supposed to be athletic. Not to mention when i was younger I loved to read, in 1st grade I would be vibing in the corner reading Percy Jackson and one of my more athletic friends would make fun of me, (I now hate this guy because of how homophobic he is) and later they would get in trouble in middle school for not getting their monthly AR points.
William Maser
William Maser 3 oy oldin
NurAneesa? Phobia of Bad Grades
Gacha AndStuff
Gacha AndStuff 3 oy oldin
"it's in our nature to want to succeed" people with aspd: hee hee. i'm special. 😇
sup fam4466
sup fam4466 4 oy oldin
Failure is one step closer to success
The Broadcasting Siren Head
The Broadcasting Siren Head 4 oy oldin
I have Horrible OCD and when I don't understand Math which I'm very good at, I will start crying. I also have very Large emotional problems, and anxiety, so when I would cry it made me feel horrible. So don't worry Kat-Zun, I'm in the same emotional boat as you. 😃
bean 4 oy oldin
‘Here’s me standing next to him’ **nothing happens**
Moxie X Cute
Moxie X Cute 4 oy oldin
I love catzun u inspire me and I think ur awesome
Poopett 4 oy oldin
We're in common "LGBQ(I'm G)" Hate myself (yay) Transgender We're sister and brother T~T
Yohanna the Banana
Yohanna the Banana 4 oy oldin
Your words are gold. it sounds like your a therapist
Fòrrest Rosènbèrg
Fòrrest Rosènbèrg 5 oy oldin
No one wants what they do not want=Everyone wants what they do want Yes Kat that sentence does in fact make sense. It might give some a headache to comprehend but in the end it makes sense so you did NOT fail great job
Yagi Tusamiji
Yagi Tusamiji 5 oy oldin
I actually like the intro :D
Emma Perrotta
Emma Perrotta 5 oy oldin
What program do you use to draw?
Biscuit 666
Biscuit 666 5 oy oldin
Yo same
nikola plays
nikola plays 5 oy oldin
Kitzun: we are all equally important Me: hitler. A person that cures cancer.
シYurika 5 oy oldin
Am I the only one that loves being called kitty litter? Uh- That's why I love her intro :)
ßees ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ßees ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 5 oy oldin
The intro scares me more than when in kindergarten teachers turn off the lights as a punishment and everyone starts screaming for no reason
Storme Cloud
Storme Cloud 5 oy oldin
Kat has this lisp in their voice and its honestly adorable!
art and out
art and out 5 oy oldin
Why is 0:25 m perents when i told them im gay there respose was uuuuuuuimmmmmmmm it a phase
Agent Calamari Friday
Agent Calamari Friday 5 oy oldin
This video really sticks with me. When I was around the age of 10, I had been having some serious artblock for like an entire summer. It crushed me because I had always been told that I was a creative person, so I thought that I was letting down everybody in my life by simply using an electronic device instead of drawing or reading. Then there was this one day when I was using some paint markers to draw two of my characters on this random ceramic cup that I had found in my room. It was the first time in months that I had been proud of my art. I was so happy. And then my carelessness got ahold of me and I dropped it. It instantly shattered. I panicked and just had a silent mental breakdown. (silent bc I was so stressed out about my mom hearing me and trying to calm me down that when I cried I aways had to force myself to be a quiet as possible.) That day just seriously upset me and I'm surprised that I still remember it.
Jello Hello
Jello Hello 5 oy oldin
Me: (Has a bunch of C's and D's) hahahaha yup I care sooooo much about my grades uh huh
•wacky Pigeon•
•wacky Pigeon• 5 oy oldin
I understand you i am a person who when gets a grade even 1 mark below above average i will cry and think i am a failure now a days i try to brush it off if i get an average grade because my health is more important than my grade.
Lizzy Liz Kitty
Lizzy Liz Kitty 5 oy oldin
Me who has injuries in my legs and I play soccer and just take Advil before practice and games
Eccentric Pigeon
Eccentric Pigeon 5 oy oldin
ahaha failing in school, hahahaha, how the hell am i gonna get a j o b, HAHAHAHAHAHA, im so HECCIN S T R E E E E E E S S S S S E E E D A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A
Pi Owl
Pi Owl 5 oy oldin
"Everyone has their different reasons" *my desperation for approval is calling*
Alice Angel
Alice Angel 5 oy oldin
It's true But people are not purfect and You are a Smart person Evan if You fail at aomething all of the stuff in school is useless You are the Best :)
A man THAT LIKES LEGO 5 oy oldin
I fail at everything. EVERYTHING. I am not joking
FlameWolfi3 5 oy oldin
look at the amount of layers, i only use 5 or so XD I'm shook
꧁wilbur ꨄ simp꧂
꧁wilbur ꨄ simp꧂ 5 oy oldin
I really love this video because I can relate to it a lot, and I love to see you draw and talk about stuff. Please do more of this type of content! Also, I think I’m bisexual. How do I come out? ;-;
Kai Berry
Kai Berry 5 oy oldin
Y'all can remember Kindergarten???????
Abigail Morrison
Abigail Morrison 5 oy oldin
its okay kat, ive had my fair shares of failurs in the past
Sweetiethedog AJ
Sweetiethedog AJ 5 oy oldin
I- This video came out 9 months ago, and I told myself I'd never be like this But here I am, not eating with severe Plantar Fasciitis, an injury to a tendon in my knee and sleep anxiety making me unable to sleep I dont even know how much longer I can keep going, I play soccer for hours almost everyday, and I exercise outside of that as well I think I have an eating disorder, but im to scared to tell people And it reaches the point where I'm getting emotionally hurt at home from not being able to get up sometimes Idk why i typed this, kinda a vent i guess
BalloraMangle9898 Yo
BalloraMangle9898 Yo 5 oy oldin
Me: I hate failing something and don't like failure My brain: Yep Me: I fear it because I don't want to be considered a disappointment to my friends and family My brain: Understandable Me: So I have a fear of failure My brain: You have a fear of accomplishment because you don't want people to set high expectations on you that you know you can't reach
Leo Dehaven
Leo Dehaven 5 oy oldin
tell me i wasnt the only one who jumped when they said "HEY MY ITTY BITTY KITTY LITTER" my ears hurt lmao- but i love your videos!
Galaxy Mew
Galaxy Mew 5 oy oldin
Me: * gets a 70 on a test * My imposter syndrome: WHAT'S UP FAM
Twinks Twinkie
Twinks Twinkie 6 oy oldin
What drawing app do you use?
Plinkity 6 oy oldin
I don't know how I feel about being kitty litter.
Plinkity 5 oy oldin
Oh man thats not what i was thinking o3o Moving on
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 5 oy oldin
Kat is the parent, we are their litter.
TheCInnamonRollz 6 oy oldin
I dont generally have a fear of Failing but I have this Massive Fear On My Phone being taken away.....Yeh....I know my Phone ain't that all important But it is litterally the thing that Holds my sanity and Prevents Me from Turning complete Pyschopath and go maniac style and rocking back and forth in the corner Muttering litterally Anything,one time when My teacher called my mom that I was on the 1st Question and that made me really and I mean REALLY scared,I started to feel Sick My stomach started to feel sick I started to feel like to throw up and I was Crying,at the End of the day my mom didnt take away my phone.
Blackilykat 6 oy oldin
that intro is the best. never stop that intro. i love it.
Useless Pasta
Useless Pasta 6 oy oldin
Unlike my cousin and sister, I wasn’t naturally “gifted”. It took me a while to have the “smart kid” title. My mom has always had very high standards so me not doing good in school didn’t sit well with her. By 2nd grade I was already being forced to study by my mom because she didn’t like the fact that my handed back schoolwork wasn’t a solid 100/100. I hated it, but I’ve always had a fear of talking to people of authority, so I never spoke to her about it. One day in 5th grade my mom saw that my perfect A in math went down to a B. Instead of asking me if there was something wrong, she told me to fix immediately. At the time there was a big test coming up, so her yelling at me for having a B caused me to go into full panic mode. I tried harder than I should’ve on that test, similar to how you tried way too hard on the ABC paper in kindergarten. After I was done with the test, it turns out I got the highest score in the whole 5th grade class. Not only that but my scores were close to average of an 11th grader. It was the one time where I was actually proud of what I had done, so I told my mom, big mistake. Instead of being amazed or congratulating me, all she asked is if that had fixed my math grade. I had lost all confidence in myself from that moment. This made me question my self worth, eventually leading to me developing a hatred for myself because I thought I wasn’t good enough. This hatred for myself became anger issues, which I still struggle with to this day. In 7th grade I had one of those instrumental school performances and according to my family I did great, but that self hatred I had made me feel as if they were lying. Even my teacher complimented my playing, she even gave me top student, which wasn’t easy to get in her class, but I still thought I did awful. It sucks being like this, having this “little voice” constantly telling you you’re an awful human being at the slightest mistake. I don’t like being like this, but there really is no one to talk to, I’m not kidding
madcat 6 oy oldin
Being scared of failure is watching this and suddenly measuring yourself with Kat even though their behavior was extremely stupid but still your stupid little mind suddenly tells you that you have to work so hard you get injured. What-
Lessten 6 oy oldin
I failed at loving myself but I recovered thanks to sugar she saved my life she inspired me to love my self it was the draw my life video I luv you katt and sugar so much I would have killed my self if it wasn’t for her sugar how can I repay you she saved my life I was so happy after that video🥺
Rihanna Butthead
Rihanna Butthead 6 oy oldin
My life gives anxiety..
Prof. Turtle Queen
Prof. Turtle Queen 6 oy oldin
“If you’re pushing yourself to do something that hurts you there no shame in stopping” Holy shit thank you so much
joshe 6 oy oldin
I accept failure cause learning uses failure to learn, ive always been wise at this stuff but if u need advice im here supporting everyone i can :)
_MAD CHELCI_ 6 oy oldin
Your art style so cool :>
꧁wilbur ꨄ simp꧂
꧁wilbur ꨄ simp꧂ 7 oy oldin
Holy fucking shit. Art the bee is HELLA TERRIFYING...
SkillNinjaGamer YT
SkillNinjaGamer YT 7 oy oldin
im not even going th try to pronounce this: you have atychiphobia
Tomás Mabras
Tomás Mabras 7 oy oldin
Hey can you tell us about the story where you are at the school and then a buff hamster comes behind you?
Solomon R.m
Solomon R.m 7 oy oldin
I have constant anxiety and fear about weather my friend invite me to things to be nice or because they are my actual friend I ask every so often they all say “yes we are your friends” but then I think “O god I’m bothering them and now they definitely don’t like me” for no reason even though I know I’m there friends and it makes me sad. Also math is the best
Ame Kikai
Ame Kikai 7 oy oldin
My friends: Have good hand writing Me: Still has handwriting like a 5 year old.
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