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Katzun 2 yil oldin
Tell me about some of your worst teachers in the comments below!
Jaxon Coen
Jaxon Coen Soat oldin
dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal account hack if you wanna try it
kitty kid
kitty kid 22 kun oldin
FACK you me all
weeby 28 kun oldin
Darth Rexius
Darth Rexius Oy oldin
A math teacher threw a bible at me ironic because I am not christian
that one random peper
that one random peper 4 oy oldin
Uh I hated my music teacher cas 1 time I had a vetting concert I had not the exact same colors like wtf bish my mom hated that too so she said well she can kiss my a- so yea
Sam Hema
Sam Hema 6 soat oldin
nanny mata
DragonFeather Kun oldin
I had a teacher kinda just like that in 1st grade. She was horrible
Tiberius Tomasik
Tiberius Tomasik 3 kun oldin
Plot twist: the teacher was actually called Satan
Tuxfelipe 5 kun oldin
My 5th grade roleplay teacher (yes that existed for some reason) was super strict when giving grades. How it worked was we would be in groups of 3 and for a few weeks we would write a script and practice roleplaying, then the teacher would grade the script and the performance, i thought we did the performance great, and the script was really good, but because of 1 SPELLING MISTAKE I made all three of us lose 2 grading points and we got like a 5,8 or something, the max was 7,0. I also remember one of my classmates misbehaving, and because he did he would have to do twice the work ALONE (we were in groups of 3 if you remembered so he actually had to do 6x the work) and even if he did everything perfectly he would barely pass... This was a long comment, hope your doing well :)
Alex Plays
Alex Plays 7 kun oldin
You guys got nap time during kindergarten?
May Richards
May Richards 10 kun oldin
2:28 What about Ms K For Karen (the pejorative)
May Richards
May Richards 10 kun oldin
1:35 Tell me about it.
cancelled account
cancelled account 11 kun oldin
I was drawing mystic gohan then my teacher looked over at my drawing and said and i quote "he was cooler at the cell games".
HydroEel667 12 kun oldin
my phone broke lol
silas jackson
silas jackson 14 kun oldin
my worst teacher was a sub and she was like IM THE TEACHER IF YOUR GOOD YOU GET A STICKER I didn't like stickers
raven 16 kun oldin
Ha ha my favorite teacher is my first grade teacher
Creative Leo
Creative Leo 18 kun oldin
Okay so, I was in second grade and I had a literal spawn of satan and a worse satan’s love child. One time she walked up to my friend’s desk (we sat beside each other) and she picked it up, dumped it out, and told him to pick it up afterwards. I was like “holy shit-“
Pinky Kitty
Pinky Kitty 18 kun oldin
In high school, I never liked my Civics and economics teacher kept telling at me and my friends and we didn't do anything wrong during the whole school year. I can relate to this video. ❤️👍
Cottoncandylover19 18 kun oldin
I can really relate to you
ibrahim mansuri
ibrahim mansuri 20 kun oldin
I love the new hyper realistic animation
brooklyn sisney
brooklyn sisney 21 kun oldin
small kid abuse >:(
FAT CATS 24 kun oldin
My fourth grade teacher told me to write my full name in a text box for like a moving out of fourth grade, and when I put my name in (I have 3 middle names) she yelled at me for joking around when I legitimately put my name in
Bitch Titters
Bitch Titters 14 kun oldin
Ace 7464
Ace 7464 24 kun oldin
My kindergarten teacher told me tht we didn't have tornadoes in Washington right after i told her my uncles work was in a tornado it was al over the news my mom mad my principal quit and multiple teachers cry
Audra Robinson
Audra Robinson 25 kun oldin
4:50 I feel u grl. IT IS STRAIGHT UP TORTURE
silas jackson
silas jackson 25 kun oldin
in kindergarden the teacher woulden't let me have a stuffed animal at nap time
lunathedoll22 26 kun oldin
i hope that teacher gets fired, i hate her so much
Ayeisha Animic
Ayeisha Animic 26 kun oldin
You did a great job on the hyper realistic animation intro!
OctophonesTheSanitizedOctoling 27 kun oldin
They were all nice but i still hated them but another kindergarten teacher just yelled at me or told me off whenever my clip was below green to the point i just avoided her and dreaded seeing her and also thanks for aiding the rebellion that teachers need to be removed from power *WITH THEIR STUPI PUNISHMENTS* 3:34
Kimmi Elsewhere
Kimmi Elsewhere 27 kun oldin
I have flipiclip
weeby 28 kun oldin
Kat: call her teacher Mrs satan Me: HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE BLACK GOAT!!!!
Danika Harrelson
Danika Harrelson 28 kun oldin
MythologyFreak Mythology Freak
MythologyFreak Mythology Freak 29 kun oldin
The first part of the video had the best lip syncing and facial expressions I’ve ever seen! /s
KEVIN HAMPTON 29 kun oldin
So far my teachers have been pretty good but I am still in class anyway
Whoosavids Stuff
Whoosavids Stuff Oy oldin
When she said she got the question right and said suck my #### I thought in of two things 1. She’s a cat 2. SHE is a girl
Vili Ruottu
Vili Ruottu Oy oldin
Eevee kinda sad
Gamer Wolf
Gamer Wolf Oy oldin
I had the worst first grade teacher. And the fact that the teacher in your animation was a rabbit reminded me of her name. 😂 Also, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!
MrMischief Oy oldin
I tought she was a cat
Myther o
Myther o Oy oldin
Nap time,:/ nap time:\
comrade memer
comrade memer Oy oldin
ok legit this teacher sounds liek stalin just from you sayign at the start that sehs a dictator XAXAXA
comrade memer
comrade memer Oy oldin
2:33 "No, lets call her Joseph Stalin" (even though shes female)
Rhiannon Walker
Rhiannon Walker Oy oldin
I had a Ms Satan too, her name was ms Taylor. She was a SPANISH immigrant that taught ELA. the 3 WORST things she did was she gave me a 60 on a test that she wasn't there that day and she didn't tell me I had. and she took points off for it being late. I spent 2 weeks without sleep to make a story just because she wanted everyone to make her one. I wrote a 15-page front and back story for her and she freaking took a dump on it. not literally of course but it wasn't good enough for her is what I meant. and 3rd she literally laughed at me while I was having a mental breakdown!
Coleman Studios
Coleman Studios Oy oldin
My friends had a teacher in Elementary school named Mrs. Dunn and I knew her and she SUCKED. She yelled at you all the slime and and she was such a Karen.
AlienFrog Rabbit
AlienFrog Rabbit Oy oldin
i had this teacher that was basically a carbon copy on proffesor umbridge. god help me
red. Oy oldin
Had a transphobic teacher who didn't respect my name and pronouns. And she was an art teacher, and I love art lol
Victor Ray Bautista
Victor Ray Bautista Oy oldin
The hateful sleep cytogenetically expand because tomato cephalometrically shrug towards a gabby replace. overrated, itchy boat
Zoe'sAnimations Oy oldin
lol im lissening to this while im animating on flipaclip ( my next youtube vid lol ) XD
Angel Dust
Angel Dust Oy oldin
How is that both you and I had amazing kindergarten teachers and EVIL 1st grade teachers
golden zorgo gang teemmate
golden zorgo gang teemmate Oy oldin
Its real
Michael Amin
Michael Amin Oy oldin
Katzun: I had a horrible 1st grade teacher Me: omg sameeeee
desertceratops1 Witmer
desertceratops1 Witmer Oy oldin
I’m starting to have PTS my time in elementary 👁-👁
Admiral Lindsay
Admiral Lindsay Oy oldin
"Let's call her, Mrs. Satan" Satanists: 👁👄👁
Rosie Oy oldin
This is so sad. Small kids shouldn’t be threatened and not helped and humiliated. She should not have been ateacher. This could’ve caused trauma
JustYourAverageRat77 Oy oldin
3:43 Eevee?
Emma Dong
Emma Dong Oy oldin
are you a furry?
Lincoln Logs for Leeches
Lincoln Logs for Leeches 2 oy oldin
They can remember elementary school.. such skill
A chicken Strip
A chicken Strip 2 oy oldin
When I was in kindergarten we got 3 resesses :V
XxFloof_NoodlexX 2 oy oldin
At me old school I was always held back from recess to the point when I very rarely did get recess I would just walk around avoiding all social reaction to the point to where I now like being away from others and hates it when others r near me or sometimes when other touch me (in ways such as a simple hug) so I think if schools keep keeping kids in for recess they will probably grow more distant from others and I thought all schools were like that- until I moved to my school I’m currently in and all the teachers are nice AF. I still hate others though. Before I was always in for recess I would hug the teachers and loved to talk to others, but when the teachers started to keep me in for recess it possibly caused me to hate others. I think all schools shouldn’t keep kids from being out at recess bc kids should have time to not just eat but have time to get fresh air and not have to focus on class work 24/7 it’s either the school’s fault OR it’s just me
Sarah Anglin
Sarah Anglin 2 oy oldin
0:3 Aw, Kat you look really nice! I l love your jacket!
Sarah Anglin
Sarah Anglin 2 oy oldin
0:03, I mean,
bloodplet 2 oy oldin
I use flipaclip
Suli Loohoo
Suli Loohoo 2 oy oldin
My teacher got me into trouble told me to just figure it out when she noticed I was bad at time management.
Hope’s Dreams
Hope’s Dreams 2 oy oldin
My art teacher keeps forgetting what she says. When you get a bad grade for something that you actually asked if it was okay to do (and even got encouraged in the process), if you try to confront her, she’ll yell at you saying that it was impossible that she said this. NO ONE likes her, because she keeps changing rules for her assignments and keeps being rude about it. For Christ’s sake, just write down what you say!
Furret Yes
Furret Yes 2 oy oldin
In kindergarden i NEVRR slept i dont like sleeping now
Charmander Playzz
Charmander Playzz 2 oy oldin
“Ms.Satan” Fair enough.
Hamon frog
Hamon frog 2 oy oldin
how can see tp bathroom to couch i want that power
arrowpaw1 2 oy oldin
my 6th grade teacher who didn't like me kept on "loosing my homework and assignments" even though I had turned them in on time every single time I started taking pictures of it to show to my parents to just try to convince them that the F wasn't my fault when ever I showed the teacher pictures of it she would say "well I didn't get it" even when I took a picture of it in the fucking turn in basket, she finally looked into it after my parents told the principal off and she found it and saw that she had "accidentally" been marking the hw an assignments for someone else and SHE DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING APOLOGIZE
Seth Dale
Seth Dale 2 oy oldin
Guys I had the WORST f##king teacher and shebwas a b##ch
シ Xx_ii_Black-Pencil_ii_xX シ
シ Xx_ii_Black-Pencil_ii_xX シ 2 oy oldin
My least favorite teacher could either be my kindergarten teacher or my 1st grade teacher Guess I’ll tell you about both... My kindergartener teacher was very mean and especially was rude to me, one time she sent me to the “safe seat” (the safe seat in my school was to try to prevent you from getting in more trouble, which you were already in trouble and they didn’t want to make you feel bad.) for no reason. My first grade teacher once made me sit in the safe seat for 3 subjects for... *talking* I missed gym in that.
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 2 oy oldin
Raysfthg Zombiefied
Raysfthg Zombiefied 2 oy oldin
My old 2nd grade said my art is bad so i basiclally gave up but now i have an animation channel but tbh when you see the videos you will understand her logic although DO NOT WATCH THE INTRO I REALLY NEED TO REDO IT!!!!
Charisma Duenas
Charisma Duenas 2 oy oldin
Oh I use flipaclip!
dedenneVictoria 2 oy oldin
I understand that 1st grade teacher. mine yelled at us all of the time.
Arty 2 oy oldin
Fun fact; most teachers don’t decide what grade they teach
Sofia Flores
Sofia Flores 2 oy oldin
eunice asiedu
eunice asiedu 2 oy oldin
I use flipaclip All the time I even use it for my animations
Alex Gutowski
Alex Gutowski 2 oy oldin
I had an art teacher named Mrs. Renalds. She was old and she sucked. She gave us art assignments. She threw them away afterwards. Even WHEN WE SCREAMED "NOOOOOO! DON'T!" As a 1st-2nd grader, I was OFFENDED. I cried to my mom. Mrs. Renalds left the school the following year. We had to stand in the hallway and clap for her as she left on the final day. I didn't. She didn't deserve us. I hate you, Mrs. Renalds.
Alex Gutowski
Alex Gutowski 2 oy oldin
In 3rd grade, I had two homerooms. BOTH WERE DICTATORS. THEY ALWAYS PAIRED ME UP WITH JADEN WHO YELLED AT ME FOR PRAYING I WOULDNT SLIT HER THROAT WITH A PENCIL. THE YELLED AT ME FOR DABBING WHICH IS CRINGE I KNOW BUT I WAS LITTLE. I flipped up the finger as I walked out of that class on the last day. Sorry for venting. At least the worst one left at the end of that year. ;w;
Lolbit3636 Vico
Lolbit3636 Vico 2 oy oldin
I do have treger box sorry I don’t now how to spell bty I use sticker
Valentina Perez Herrera
Valentina Perez Herrera 2 oy oldin
booby choppy *NOW*
AD the sweaty gamer
AD the sweaty gamer 2 oy oldin
My teacher did that on Fridays too
Ava's Tube
Ava's Tube 2 oy oldin
My math teacher last year told me to apologize to a kid in my class that I called rude. Not only that, SHE ALSO MADE ME DO IT IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS
Jimmy _James's
Jimmy _James's 2 oy oldin
IMA be a 6th grade teacher
[]foxisox-simpz[] 2 oy oldin
my last year of elementry school
Malcolm Fitzgerald
Malcolm Fitzgerald 2 oy oldin
You have very distinctive eyes mine are a bluish grey although sometimes they look more blue than grey. Edit:your teacher story sounds extremely familiar to the point where I wonder if either we had the same teacher at different times or were straight up in the same class.
SamueltheStrange 2 oy oldin
Magan Copeland
Magan Copeland 2 oy oldin
When you said "that you wish you were never born" ok so your right 1. Teachers yell at them and it makes like they should do something about dying or something 2. Teachers make them depressed or a little And 3. Teachers make it like they were never born for them, or their whole life, and do suicide...
wolf beans
wolf beans 2 oy oldin
For a sec i thought this was a planet Dolan episode haha
Ailee’s Wild World
Ailee’s Wild World 2 oy oldin
I can’t believe that NOW I realize that she has a lisp.
Amber Malone
Amber Malone 2 oy oldin
Before I started watching your channel I thought you were a boy
FlipaClip yes it’s the Best. Ok my worst teacher was my science teacher rushing!
Macynn Smith
Macynn Smith 2 oy oldin
tell me were that ### is at and her life will be sayten and dont go to her hows no evedents
nightmare foxy
nightmare foxy 2 oy oldin
My sister had a bad teacher I felt bad for her but we got the same teacher and she is nice
Luvvss 2 oy oldin
If I were your teacher's boss, I would have fired her without a second thought or a care in the world.
1t4ch1 Uch1h4
1t4ch1 Uch1h4 2 oy oldin
Whats so good of having a peircing
Atharva 2 oy oldin
Where do I even start , I had only 3-4 good teachers from entire school life ! But the most Satan teacher was our PT teachers , they would pick on anyone for slightest mistake and beat the hell outta them.
ghostyy 2 oy oldin
✨She’s so pretty 🥺✨
The Carrots Are Coming
The Carrots Are Coming 2 oy oldin
Lmao we had a teacher who we called mrs. Satan because her name was very similar. I had to endure an entire 5 REQUIRED YEARS of this teacher during elementary school and then she moved up to being a middle school teacher the literal year that I did. It was like I was cursed. She was blatantly condescending and racist all the time and it’s a miracle that she didn’t get fired 10 times over.
CFC Allstar
CFC Allstar 2 oy oldin
XD that teacher! sounded just like my first grade teacher except she gave me a huge amount of homework cuz i was slower then the rest of class still despice her even tho she may not be around anymore
Isabel Lammle
Isabel Lammle 2 oy oldin
My 5th grade teacher wasn't the greatest. He never really liked me and still doesn't to this day. He had favorites in my class and one time, I got into a fight with a class bully of mine and I was then thrown to the ground. We both got into trouble, I told my parents about it and my Dad sent an angry email to the school. The next day, my teacher was waiting in the cafiteria, ulled me into the library and he made me write a note to my parents, saying that I lied, even though I wasn't lying and was telling the truth. He told me to write it in my own words, even though he was telling me what to write. I showed it to my Dad, but he knew that I told him the truth and didn't care about the thing that my teacher force me to write. Now he's my little brother's 4 grade teacher and reciently, my siblings and I were all being homeschooled for the week and me and my lil bro were both in the same room on our calls. I was sitting on the couch and he was at the table infront of me. The teacher noticed me while I WAS IN MY CLASSROOM CALL! and told me, "Izzy, get to work." LIKE WHAT THE HECK! I was SO pissed at him that I started to cuss behind the camera, but the mic was on mute. Still, This was for what he always told me in school while I was doing my work. Me and my friends all don't like him and I feel you Kat!
Berto Animated
Berto Animated 2 oy oldin
Sometimes we got a sub who looked just like moue( can't spell ) and is...ok?
TOP SMAS 2 oy oldin
I'm a furry for possums I drew a horrible drawing of what it would look like you can check me out on Facebook and Instagram niall murphy if you find it try niall nicholas murphy
cringylemon_ 2 oy oldin
one of my teachers took away a notebook i had probably 2 years worth of GOOD DRAWINGS and never gave it back. i spent 5$ dollars on that notebook >:(
Yosh Knight
Yosh Knight 2 oy oldin
8th grade math teacher Mr. Calanchi. Let's see, he was sexist, favored the jocks and a few of the girls but not all, would never accept late homework for even actual reasons (when a couple of us went with our band class to a competition, we never got the homework and had to do it in the hallway the next class. We told him it was coming up and he still didn't do it.), he's made several kids cry, was a creep(he was the girl's volleyball coach and seemed a little too close to some of the girls in the team photos), seemed a little bit racist, he tried to fail me and several other kids, and when we had to switch to online school because of COVID, he never taught us anything and just told us to do some questions and that was it. It severely screwed all of us over when we got to high school. Screw you Mr. Calanchi
TheStickManGamer 2 oy oldin
some awsomestuff
some awsomestuff 2 oy oldin
🔥 🙂🔥 this is fine
Logically Blue
Logically Blue 2 oy oldin
*Americans got nap time in preschool..? TwT*
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