I'm Transgender - Coming Out pt. 2 - Animation

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Katzun 11 oy oldin
my pronouns are they/them btw Also, I think it is important to reflect on the words of another trans creator, Nikki. I have always been trans. This is not a new thing. And I have always been Kat. I will always be Kat creating animation for UZpost. My content stays the same for I am the same person. If you learning that I am trans, something that has always been true, changes your opinion of me, then you need to reconsider how you view people. This is not something new. I have always been trans. I have always been me.
Singlepringle 3000
Singlepringle 3000 17 kun oldin
I'm nonbinary too your not alone no matter what I'm going through the same things you are remember you all who are part of the lgbtq+ community are all loved and excepted. You're not alone. And all the gays the theys are all loved no matter what. And I hope all of you are having an amazing day remember you are all loved nwn.
Rosa Oy oldin
I’m so happy that you were able to come out especially all the hardships you face Kat. I hope you feel better eventually and that you have happiness coming towards you 🏳️‍⚧️💜🏳️‍🌈
GatesKids07 K&J Show
GatesKids07 K&J Show Oy oldin
I accept you katzun you still katzun you never chang
MILAN BROOKS 2 oy oldin
So, your a YES?
Cuphead gamer Gamer
Cuphead gamer Gamer 2 oy oldin
I support you
MonsterShiba 6 soat oldin
this is so insanely POWERFUL oh my gosh
Kawaii_bxrry 7 soat oldin
As a Christian I am sorry I am sorry for the dumbass people who don’t realize your amazing and that you are you and your not changing so to the people who get told to go to hell and burn for ever I am sorry. Sorry they misgender. Sorry the won’t open there eyes to see you are you and proud sorry the won’t realize it’s not about them it’s about you sorry they don’t respect your pronouns and your sexuality... I am sorry~ from a Christian
Skyla Mochi
Skyla Mochi 13 soat oldin
I’m Kai...I’m gender fluid bisexual I go by my legal name when I’m female. My sister who is trans excepts me for who I am as well as my mom. However, my dad is homophobic and I’m scared to tell him because I don’t want to be kick out...
road burrito
road burrito 17 soat oldin
"Who are you?" I'm a lesbian, nonbinary. My name is now Jay I've only known that for a week or two. I actually dont really identify myself with nonbinary, I dont identify with anything when it comes to gender and i use all pronouns.
DragonFeather Kun oldin
Omg this made me cry...
Moon stars
Moon stars Kun oldin
I’m *not gonna say real name* and I’m lesbian :D
Shalisa The skinny legend
Shalisa The skinny legend Kun oldin
People should stop the hate we didnt ask for their comment or there pain they are bringing to other people
•Chibuki!• Kun oldin
I left a comment on this video 11 months ago saying I’m genderfluid and bisexual little did I know I’m actually trans ftm and bisexual lmfaoooo
"Who are you" a bi trans girl who hates herself
Pencil Thorn ?
Pencil Thorn ? Kun oldin
'who am I' I am a -------- year old cis girl from America. I'm luckily to be LDS and panromantic at the same time and keep a solid home life. I was given a safe home so I can provide safety to my friends with out one. I am grateful that I have a solid platform me and my friends can stand on to fight for our selves and that I have enough experience I can tell jerkwads from every end of the spectrum of life to get lost. I was told that I couldn't really be pan if I still loved my religion but my friends helped me keep my head and now I can use my position as a safe haven for every type of person. I've had struggles but now that I am where I am, I am proud.
Cookie dough
Cookie dough 2 kun oldin
ppl dont make sense they say love everyone but then they hate
Yaoi Depression
Yaoi Depression Kun oldin
kenzie knap
kenzie knap 2 kun oldin
i’m bisexual as well as transgender, and i’m only out as bisexual to my parents. my mom was not accepting at all at first, but my dad was wholeheartedly supportive and i am so grateful for him. he was the one who convinced my mom me loving more than one gender was not wrong and was normal. i love him so much for that and he’s the reason my mom can actually make jokes like “do you have a boyfriend?” and the best part is is that she ALWAYS says “...or girlfriend?” after asking. i’m just trying to figure out how they’d react to losing their baby “girl.”
Isaac Macedo
Isaac Macedo 2 kun oldin
Religious is not bad, people just get angry real easy by something or someone because of something
Ellerbrook Schmitz
Ellerbrook Schmitz 2 kun oldin
would you tell a person who has a pet snake instead of a dog like you that they're a monster? or a person who likes pancakes, not waffles? what about someone who likes both? then why do you not like people brave enough to say what they are? people like kat? why, simply because of who they like.
2 Idiots On Roblox
2 Idiots On Roblox 2 kun oldin
Cry about it
Yung Hedge Fitness and Truth
Yung Hedge Fitness and Truth 2 kun oldin
"Who are you?" A goth meme rapper
Cerese 2 kun oldin
"who are you?" i'm a random teen girl on the internet who is still questioning her romantic orientation.
_•Sad_Mc_Flurry•_ 2 kun oldin
"Who are you" I'm a straight Muslim girl that accept's who people are.
Multifandom Firecube
Multifandom Firecube 2 kun oldin
"Who are you?" I'm a 13 year old lesbian and a demigirl. I'm not beautiful nor cute but I am handsome and it hurts me a bit more every time I hear my mom misgender my trans older brother. I don't care enough to come out to my parents because it would cause a stir and while I don't feel revolted about she, and her it's far scarier to me to tell my mom that I won't go to church because the hurt brought from that yelling is much worse than the exhaustion of listening over and over about how a god I don't care for loves me. I'm not a miss, nor a ma'am and I'm not quite a sir. Not a girl or boy but a little inbetween but most importantly I am me.
— HASLEY ! 3 kun oldin
"who are you" im a closeted trans pansexual guy with a aggressive transphobic and homophobic dad. i have mental breakdowns after a day of being referred to as a girl and i only came out to one person in real life. heh.
Ace Games
Ace Games 3 kun oldin
I’m bi I’ve never told anyone, I’ve had a veil of secrecy about my sexuality, until I met you. Thanks
The wolfs Flame
The wolfs Flame 3 kun oldin
Are you okay...
W3irdoD3rp :]
W3irdoD3rp :] 3 kun oldin
i thought i would rant here because people are also ranting about there life and how people dont accept them. Hi, my name is Jordan, I'm an AroAce Transgender, FTM to get into more detail on the transgender part, I use he/they pronouns, and some people dont accept me. I've told my mum that I felt more like a boy but she just said "oh.. ok" and walked out of my room. I wasn't and still aren't sure if she accepts me or not and I've been trying to get the courage to actually ask her if she accepts me but im too scared to. I'm scared that both of my parents will think im a disappointment since they thought i was gonna be a normal happy little girl living my life with A's and having a boyfriend at 18. If only i could actually feel attracted to anyone, maybe I would have a boyfriend at 18, or maybe if i didnt try and find myself, maybe i would be a normal happy little girl, all these "what if.." 's and "maybe things could have been more different if.." are really getting to me. The only person in my family that accepts me and understands me is my big brother. He actually understands, i would have never actually thought that. He always picks on me or gets me injured in some way but i never thought he would actually accept me to be a transgender. I'm also glad that most of my friends accept me of being a transgender, the rest I haven't told since they are old friends but we still keep in touch. i didnt even know what LGBTQ+ was until 5th grade and figured out i was bisexual for a bit. after a year i figured out i just had squishs on random people in my class/school (squishs are like having a platonic crush on someone). When I actually try and find myself and actually act like the real me, people dislike me, hate on me, call me insults and slurs, and it sorta broke me down, after all those years of being bullied at home, school, anywhere, even online, i got at least a bit of sucess in finding my true self and actually liking myself. so yea. thank you for reading my rant, and i hope you have/had a good day/night at least :)
Is That a Spider?
Is That a Spider? 3 kun oldin
We found them. The real slim shady.
Puddles Enaild Brarg
Puddles Enaild Brarg 3 kun oldin
I came back to experience this master piece again and The "I wear over sized sweaters to hide my breast" part hit way too hard for me, when i was little i never really questioned my gender because i never really thought about it, but then, one day i thought "i dont really feel like a she and i dont like being called a she" but i didnt really think about it i just thought i was just weird, until a couple of years ago i heard about non binary and i thought " hey! Someone who doesn't have a gender thats how i feel!" at the time i didnt really have good friends at the time so i didnt come out to them. Then i made WAY better friends! I told them and they ended up neing really cool! Then the WHOLE group came out, mind you there was 5 people counting me, there was One bisexual One bi curious One strait aly One gender fluid omnisexual I ended up having a big crush on the bi person (she's a girl, im female assigned at birth) and im still too shy to tell her, so hi im Puddles a non binary and i use they/them pronouns :)
Aya Cat
Aya Cat 3 kun oldin
this video helped me, i dont know what i am or who i am but i know one thing. I AM ME. im attracted to men women nonbinary everything, and about my gender? i dont know, i was born female but i know its not me, i hide it i hate it i wish it was gone, i think im nonbinary but im not sure, it makes me go crazy but talking to my friends about it or people who've gone through the same expirences really helped me. so to all you out there, you are who you are nothing else it could help talking to friends and family. BE PROUD!
{CaxxePop YT}
{CaxxePop YT} 3 kun oldin
"Who are you?" "I'm a female who has not been abused, yet I have been trough some trauma. I know how it feels to be alone. We support you. Whoever you are, be who you want to be." -CakePop
Otter tooter
Otter tooter 4 kun oldin
“Who are you” I am a pan sexual Christian male who doesn’t care for who you like as long if your happy. My parents don’t know I’m pan sexual but they said to me if your gay,bi or pan sexual we don’t care as long if your happy. So if your gay,bi or ect don’t be scared to come out just be yourself and no one can force you to be straight. Your you a beautiful person and don’t let people hate on you.
Helix The Raptor
Helix The Raptor 4 kun oldin
This related me to every way as a nonbinary person with a heavily Mormon/Christian past. I’m trying to get better I really am but it’s hard. I used to be a girl and I feel like that will ever change no matter how much a I hope, no matter how many times over I come out, no matter how many times I try I’ll never be what I really wish I could be.
Helix The Raptor
Helix The Raptor 4 kun oldin
“Who are you?” I’m a semi-suicidal kid with a forced religion, not a girl. But stuck that way, stuck with curves and breasts, stuck with smooth strongly female features. My head is just swarming with creatures. Yes people know but they don’t *know*. They want to accept me for who I am but it’s to hard for them. Constantly misgendered struggling to get better. Sorry about getting power and pretty much echoing what you said but I needed to get it out, I have no idea who I am anymore I’m just a ghost of my true self, what started out as a mask as become a completely different entities within me I barley even see me true self anymore. So- who am I? I’m scared.
Polar Bear Productions
Polar Bear Productions 4 kun oldin
They are so awesome
Ash-the-wolf 4 kun oldin
Dabi 4 kun oldin
"Who are you?" I am a panromantic enby, still questioning my sexuality. I am a young person with ADHD, I struggle in almost anything that I can't focus on. But the world is still at my feet, I still have a long life ahead of me, and I refuse to not live it to the fullest.
Dorime 4 kun oldin
“Who are you?” (Time for an essay) I’ve been closeted for my entire time now for UZpost. My gender identity makes me feel wronged though people think I’m a girl a she a her I’m not sure of why i feel this way it makes me feel strange as ever of history of my life. I’m not sure if I’m Trixic straight lesbian it makes me feel strange of my gender identity and sexuality since my sexuality defines me as a certain gender I’ve never shown a liking for guys ever but i never don’t have a crush that’s a guy for fictional purposes makes me feel ashamed of my body my eyelashes my hair length i may or may not want to cut my hair short but the next day i want to grow it all over again like I’m trapped in this endless cycle of female demigirl non-binary trans then Demi boy rinse and repeat for months on end making me feel ashamed of what and who i am as a person i don’t know if I’m a Daughter son ,child,Wife,Husband,Spouse,lady,man,they,them in the cages of my gender identity defining your sexuality having online friends using only she her pronouns while the person behind the screen trapped in an endless hole of gender falling through sections deeper and deeper in just tripping in when i never expected to making me feel as confused as ever during needing to pass in school at the same time and feeling ashamed when i fail and want to punch myself so badly I want to die while holding on the stress of my own gender barely holding a curtain for myself tugging me down deeper and deeper into the hole eventually making me want to end it taking into action making me feel the most worthless as I’ll ever be I’m afraid to come out as gender fluid only to be shot down by my family making me feel utterly useless ending in suicide crossing out my birth name not wanting it any longer but it’s about time i introduce myself. Hi, I’m Ezera I know it’s not my birth name but it’s gender neutral enough so i can stick with it I’m genderfluid. Who are you? (Holy shit that took a while to make)
Kiwi 4 kun oldin
Hi Kat! We all love you for the way you are, and I told my parents about you and they said: “ew why does that girl think she’s a boy?” And I said: not girl, but *they* ( or they/them)
Luna Cat
Luna Cat 4 kun oldin
I am a bi girl wich radomely decided to come out in a day. I was accepted by my class, my mother and my bro doesnt mind. My bro is asexual. I am happy but diffrent. Sometimed I do think that I want to be normal but I am not. I was bullied and stayed quiet. A day the school changed It was much better. My classmate died this School year. My parents are divorced. My brother has autism. Still, I am happy and fight throu. I am always nice to everyone becakuse I know that one nice person can make anothers day. I hope you are nice too even if you have a bad day. And I hope you had a wonderful day. Bye.
Ash. 4 kun oldin
thank you you helped me comeout as nonbinary
Viney TOH
Viney TOH 4 kun oldin
This made me cry but I love it-
Mmm Mumkee
Mmm Mumkee 4 kun oldin
Imagine being lesbian then being transgender and being a man to come out and at that you love two guys
al ways
al ways 3 kun oldin
Mmm Mumkee
Mmm Mumkee 4 kun oldin
Yeah because you are a furry
Fanero Kun oldin
@Mmm Mumkee good. i'll be waiting for your return.
Mmm Mumkee
Mmm Mumkee Kun oldin
@Faneroimma go eat a basketball real quick
Fanero 2 kun oldin
@Mmm Mumkee Mumkee... Mumkee... Mumke. Woo wey. Masta chifoo.
Mmm Mumkee
Mmm Mumkee 2 kun oldin
@Fanero mmmmmmmm yesssssss?????
Fanero 2 kun oldin
Alfie H
Alfie H 5 kun oldin
The bible isn't evil, though there are evil people who read the bible
Juligi_ Loveq_øwø
Juligi_ Loveq_øwø 5 kun oldin
I proud of you♡♡
Dannychaos 5 kun oldin
I.....am a waffle iron
human 5 kun oldin
who am i? how am i meant to know
chip husky
chip husky 5 kun oldin
I am 16 gay my parents hate my guts they want me to burn in hell and it hurts but i just want to be excepted and loved but if i came out to my friends they would hate me but i just want to be loved just once
Benjamin Merrill
Benjamin Merrill 5 kun oldin
I’m bisexual. I wasn’t able to realize it before a few months ago because the way was raised. I didn’t even know the lgbtq community was a thing until I was twelve and only a year ago learned what bi was. Your videos have helped me love who I am even more. Edit: I now think I may be non binary and it’s eating me alive. I doubt anyone will see this but if you have any advise that would be great.
Circle Ception
Circle Ception 5 kun oldin
So do I call Kat male or he or they? I honestly want to know as to not make life harder
Circle Ception
Circle Ception 4 kun oldin
@le sheep k cool thanks my dude
le sheep
le sheep 5 kun oldin
I think kat’s pronouns are they/them
Megan Sanei Bingley
Megan Sanei Bingley 5 kun oldin
Watching this I was thinking. I know who I am and I know I can’t change but I wonder if the reason I don’t want to tell people is because I still don’t accept me yet
uniqxereee e
uniqxereee e 5 kun oldin
i- i did not now he had so much pain i feel so sorry for you.having that pain is tough i did not now you where feeling that way but hi i am Ian and i am transgender Ian is not my given name and half of my family still dont know i am trans i really hope u feel better but not only i feel sorry i feel or think as if u where tricked or lied to or even betrayed some way
Bug Type Eevee
Bug Type Eevee 5 kun oldin
I'm a trans man, asexual/demiromantic. People think asexuals like me are broken and need fixing. Because all humans need to crave sex or you're no longer human. My own brother is transphobic, my mom is supportive but not super understanding of these things, my dad is the only one I think I can trust with this info in my family. One of his sisters is lesbian and he's always very supportive of me, but I also have adhd. One thing adhd comes with is Rejection Sensitivity, so I don't know if I even have the strength and bravery to.
Fanero 2 kun oldin
​@Bug Type Eevee What don't you like about being woman?
Bug Type Eevee
Bug Type Eevee 2 kun oldin
@Fanero Well the main reasoning is because of dysphoria. Women are fine, they look fine, and I have no problems with them I just don't see myself as one.
Fanero 2 kun oldin
@Bug Type Eevee A little bit. I don't want a definition. I would like to help you solve this problem. It is a personal problem so for that I need to "know you" (Just the things that make you feel this is enough). In the other comment I made a series of questions that if answered will help me understand YOU better (Not the etymology and meaning of this identity). From what I see you adopted this identity that you follow as a rule. "People that have this." "People like me." Why do you do this? It hurts you, and slows you down. I don't care about the "Community", I would want to help you. I am wondering if you are even reading my comments. Do you want to belong to a group? Something to believe in? I am writing to you, but we are not comunicating. Sure. I am nobody to you, but you might need someone to talk to about this. I am here, bud. I'd like to talk more with you. please no more definitions. Please, answer my questions to understand YOU better (From the comment before this). You can ask me questions if you want.
Bug Type Eevee
Bug Type Eevee 2 kun oldin
@Fanero Dysphoria is this feeling I get from certain things and it's a pretty intense sadness and disappointment. I mostly get it from female genitalia, but also from how high pitched my voice is and when being called she/ma'am/miss/ect. Then, on the other side there's euphoria, which is the opposite. It's a very joyous feeling that I get when I imagine things like having a flat chest, beard, and deeper voice or when people call me by he/sir/man/ect. People get dysphoria and euphoria from different things but the main point is people can even slip into depression or suicidal thoughts due to dysphoria and not being allowed to transition into something that makes them happier. It's a mental health issue and there isn't really a cure for it besides transitioning. Does that explanation help?
Fanero 3 kun oldin
​@Bug Type Eevee Ok. Do not put yourself with the group. You are an individual. This is your life and not anyone else's. Again. I want to understand YOU. Why don't you feel good as a woman? Women are great, caring and give us another kind of opinions. Don't you like how women's body looks? You like men's anatomy better? What don't you like about being woman? You can forget about media and what they tell you. If you see through it you can see the value you have. What do you like in men that you feel lacks in women? You see we have our differences, but the beauty of us humans is that we complement eachother. Also I had a ton of difficulty expressing myself. Women are way better at describing and empathising. I remember when I was a kid a show called fairy odd parents (Sexist show against men, tbh.) said things like:women were so cool, smart and organized. And I thought that in another world where i'm a girl i would be doing better. But that is false. I then realized that you define yourself. Right and wrong are just words. What matters is what you do. Also to bring up the mood: Do you know how a non-binary samurai kills people? *They/them!*
ArgyleFault 5 kun oldin
"Who are you?" An asexual agender bisexual person with a supportive mother and a (slightly aggressively) homophobic father that’s still in the closet because I’m afraid my father will disown me, I don’t wanna come out to anyone nor my friends, I cry everytime and people still call me a girl
Farah Frazier
Farah Frazier 5 kun oldin
“Who are you?” My name is Shoes. I am a Demiboy.
xx_Gl!tch _Bybble_xx
xx_Gl!tch _Bybble_xx 5 kun oldin
“Who are you?” I’m an asexual and bisexual people who doesn’t know my gender identity and uses all pronouns beside “it/ its ” stressed out for the math test I have tomorrow- Also insecure about my body-
Charli Sabala
Charli Sabala 5 kun oldin
i didnt see this cuz of school but this is so damn cool!!! :DDDD
uzamaki chan
uzamaki chan 5 kun oldin
I am a cis, white, straight male, guess i'm not welcomed here huh.
CanUNotPlz 6 kun oldin
I am a person Not sure what to call myself I don't mind being called He/she/they I acknowledge that I am female and I'm fine with it I would preferably be male but it's ok I am bi leaning more towards the femz I hate myself And I'm fine with that I'm a Christian but I don't care if your LGBTQ+ do what you want it's your choice and your life I won't bother you Nor do I hate you or want you to burn I am hungry and tired Will 100% be going to sleep after this. I got eating problems I won't gain any weight I'm unhealthy skinny (If anyone can figure out the reason I don't gain weight that would be greatly appreciated) I could possibly get diabetes but idk ┐(´ー`)┌ life is life Not sure if I was supposed to tell all this other stuff but I did so...
-. Moriah Rayne .-
-. Moriah Rayne .- 6 kun oldin
“ who are you?” I am a scared Christian furry that’s lesbian but isn’t with the one I really love, and I’m to scared to say: I don’t actually love you, I’m waiting to see a therapist but I’m never getting there, I’m telling myself “ it’s just a voice you don’t have to listen” but being scared of people never paying attention to one thing and wanting to die at 11 is hard. But i want to help other kids my age going threw the same thing, it’s ok as long as you keep a part of yourself and dont give in to the voice, Still no therapist Still haven’t committed suicide Still in the relationship Still here Anyone else going threw this, your not alone ( sorry for spelling errors)
-. Moriah Rayne .-
-. Moriah Rayne .- 2 kun oldin
@Fanero messed up things. Messed up things
Fanero 2 kun oldin
Furry, lesbian and suicidal at 11 years old? Wha-wh... WHat?! What happened do you, pal?
punklover99 6 kun oldin
Bi/pan (they're the same thing to me personally) atheist
punklover99 2 kun oldin
@Fanero not really but nice reach
Fanero 2 kun oldin
Bill Blackstock
Bill Blackstock 6 kun oldin
thank you for this, you've given me courage in these lonely times
Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth B. 7 kun oldin
I am a pansexual, and genderfluid person, who can't come out no matter how frequent I am telling myself, "its not a big deal, love is love, Right?" Yet I overhear my dad talking about how its ok to love who you love and then go talk about how stupid it is that young children are putting labels on themselves and they don't know what they want, and using they/them is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and my mom, silently judged me when I told her I was questioning my sexuality. I'm almost in highschool and I feel pressured to be this goody two shoes false persona that I'm not. I'm not a monster I'm not fake I'm not doing it for attention I know what I feel And I feel like Me Liz, a 14 year old human, who just so happens to not fit the typical standards
anxity 7 kun oldin
it's nearly been a year. i can finally answer that question. i'm strings, more commonly known as ari. a pan and demi genderfluid who goes by they/him or any neopronouns. i always have been. i'm not out to people in real life, but i know who i am. i support and love you all. thank you, kat.
Joey 7 kun oldin
“who are you?” i am just me, and have been for a long time. sure one may describe me as bisexual, non binary and any other label fitting, but i’m just... me. i have been me for a while and it’s comfy, and as much as me and i and us have been suppressed, repressed, pushed down.... i am still me and i love me.
Pickle The dinosaur
Pickle The dinosaur 7 kun oldin
I don't know about you but, I think everyone should support LGBTQ+ because everyone deserves to be loved.
ræt 7 kun oldin
“who are you“ a hopeless baby lesbian that has to hide a huge crush on this girl that i like. every day. every single day. its hard to pretend i’m straight in a school full of cishets, many of which use the word gay as a derogotory term to cut someone down. but goddamnit i try. armed with a dull blade and a free spirit i will fight for my lesbianism.
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck 7 kun oldin
The holy avacado
The holy avacado 7 kun oldin
*.. Nobody should treat a person like this just because they are different. Kat, we all love you, no matter who or what you are. lesbian? still you. transgender? still you. be yourself kat, and ill tell you this, most people get you down because they're jealous... jealous that you are yourself, don't be afraid to be who you are. and I am Raya.. I think you're a brilliant person and.. you've been an inspiration not only for my art.. but who I am.*
fingerbud animates
fingerbud animates 8 kun oldin
What I understood; you were girl and became boy and then people hated you for irrelevant and dumb reasons which caused a bunch of self loathing
monkey 7 kun oldin
non-binary but u got the spirit
Moonlet Skies
Moonlet Skies 8 kun oldin
I love this.
TawnyClan 664
TawnyClan 664 8 kun oldin
"Who are you?" Hello world, and all who inhabit it. I'm Archer, ir Axel, or James, or, whatever, honestly, a 14-year-old transgender aegosexual/biromantic boy. I've been questioning my sexuality and gender identities for years, ever since I started learning about everything lgbtq+ in sixth grade, since I was raised a sheltered Christian girl with no idea that she was actually a he, and that he could have feelings for whoever he wanted, not just a boy. First, I thought I was a pansexual girl, and kept the thoughts to myself, since I had no idea how anyone would react. Then, I thought I was a pansexual nonbinary person, and only came out to close friends and the internet. Next, I thought I was pansexual and genderfluid, again only coming out to one close friend and the internet. Although, I did work up the courage to tell my mom about my identity this time. She... Didn't like it. She had the usual homophobic/transphobic response, that God made me a girl so I was a girl. Well, I'm not, but we're getting there. Lastly, I learned that I am a transgender boy, (and after learning what aegosexual meant) along with aegosexual/biromantic. I came out to my mom a while ago for the second time. She... basically laughed in my face, telling me I wasn't trans and that I was still her daughter. I'm not. I just... want her to accept who I am. That God did make me a girl, but I'm not one. I just want.... acceptance. That's all I want. And everyone to stop using my deadname smh yall know I'm trans it's not that hard But seriously. The only thing that matters is that... I'm me. Archer.
BereavedLamb 12
BereavedLamb 12 8 kun oldin
My boyfriend is trans and bi so I try to be as supportive as I can even tho we both face homophobia just by dating each other
BereavedLamb 12
BereavedLamb 12 Kun oldin
@Fanero he was born a woman and is now a guy.
Fanero 3 kun oldin
So. He is a guy that became a "woman" or a woman that became a "man"?
PeachiiCakesツ 8 kun oldin
"Who are you" I'm a pansexual demigirl who is extremely lonely
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 7 kun oldin
I'm a idiot lol
Silvaroo 8 kun oldin
"Who are you?" I am a cis-female (?) who identifies as lesbian asexual
Kanosaurus 8 kun oldin
Ayyy me too!
Apple Pi3
Apple Pi3 8 kun oldin
"Who are you?" A aro/ace kid not having a clue what gender really is.
TOP SMAS 8 kun oldin
I am the father
TOP SMAS 8 kun oldin
I'm your dad
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 7 kun oldin
The Golden Dragon
The Golden Dragon 8 kun oldin
"Who are you?" Some gay british dude who cant get decent sleep
al ways
al ways 3 kun oldin
I feel you lmao the last time i slept and in august 2020
The0nly5 8 kun oldin
We love you cat :
Stephen Webb
Stephen Webb 9 kun oldin
I feel sad
Luwie 9 kun oldin
i wish i could be normal everyday i try to resist the pain of it but i just cant tell myself what i am i am i was born normal i can never live my life as a girl i try to everyday but its not working i dont understand why we have to be made this wrong i dont understand is this some kind of test that we were sent to test if we were strong enough to resist it all?
The political Mr peanut
The political Mr peanut 9 kun oldin
“Who are you” I am a 13 year old bi boy who is to sacred to come out to my parents but came out to my friends
DK LK 9 kun oldin
I am glad you came out. it hurts to be stuck in that place. hi, kat. I am Jay. my pronouns are they/them he/him. I hope you are able to find peace and comfort. We are rooting for you.
Daily Has crappy art ;-;
Daily Has crappy art ;-; 9 kun oldin
“Who are you?” I’m sTiLl A PiEcE oF GaRbAgEeEeEeee
felipe hernandez
felipe hernandez 9 kun oldin
So, uh, I figured since this is the most welcoming place on youtube and I've been holding this in for a long time, I figured I would get it off my chest, I'm gay. Always have been and always will be. I'm out to my parents, but not because I came out. In fact, I was outed by my brother who told my mom, and my mom told my dad. My dad, who is extremely homophobic, hasn't talked to me since then, but who cares right, it's not like I need that fuckin prick anyway, I will always love myself. So to the person who is reading this, I got one message for you. No matter what anyone thinks about you, love yourself, be yourself, God still loves you, even if it seems like he has his head somewhere else, he is still there, and will always love you.
Cross Dakota
Cross Dakota 9 kun oldin
who are you? lmao hell if I know😔
Sparrow !
Sparrow ! 9 kun oldin
5 minutes of power and truth I watched this and I was at a loss for words, it's amazing Kat is amazing Everyone here is amazing I am amazing "Who are you?" I am a bi, non-binary kid who is at a loss for words. To think someone made some thing so short but so... POWERFULL.
Olixia 9 kun oldin
"Who are you?" A demiomnisexual girl sitting in her room struggling to type 👌
SoLoCAT 9 kun oldin
killersea Jones
killersea Jones 9 kun oldin
Their proud of this I’m sure of it
Starship 9 kun oldin
who are you well i'm a genderfluid pansexual mess with preferred pronouns of they/them with a very homophbic mom and sister and dad who i will never come out and it feels like knives stabling me every time i get dead named and misgendered
kinda sus bro
kinda sus bro 9 kun oldin
I dont know what I am all I know is that I'm a soon to be 12 year old who definitely is not straight yet can freaking figure out what my damn gender identity is. Because I WANT to feel masculine yet I feel feminine and its hurting for some reason. I want to try being called they/them to try but I dont have friends so what's the point
SüN_BöY 9 kun oldin
I keep coming back here, and each time it’s worse.. but I don’t know what this pain is.
Jacob Newton
Jacob Newton 9 kun oldin
From what I heard from my P.T.E teacher dingbat god loves all including the lgbtq+ community Also most my friends are lgbtq+ so I'm open to expect anyone in the lgbtq+ community
SkySerphentOfTheSkyy? 10 kun oldin
Last time I was here, I was taking in them being homosexual. Now, OMG YES I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUU
Poetry Nerd
Poetry Nerd 10 kun oldin
Thank You for existing and still being here
TheFranticOne 1
TheFranticOne 1 10 kun oldin
Nah she's just pretending
Grem 10 kun oldin
OKAY SO I am commenting for a third time idk it just feels right "Who are you?" Tw: being outed and misgendering Hi! I'm Grem :] I am nonbinary and use he/they pronouns. I also found out that I am gay. My brother knows I am nonbinary but I haven't told him I am gay(no real reason I just haven't) he accidentally outed me to my mom but it's okay I'm not mad at him!! He apologized. My mom unfortunately won't use my name or pronouns because she thinks pronouns = gender and "can't think of me as a boy"(even though I'm not one) and she also doesn't know I'm gay. But it's okay because my brother and my two online friends except me and respect my identity.
Omg sorry my brother said that
将 kUU DA GRAPE 軍 10 kun oldin
"Who are you" Well to put it in simple words I am a human male with a deep obsession with the Shinobi yoshimitsu and have been practicing his ways. I occasionally sometimes dress up as a femboy. I am also Catholic. I explore, cook, and love love love doing martial arts. However I was never really put down, infecting school I was considered somewhat of a leader someone to look up to I even had a gang that me and all of my friends would play together at the creek. But all this happiness didn't last for me until I moved and moved and moved. As then I realized what has gone up must go down nothing last. I now live in Florida and more than alone than ever because everything I had in the Glory Days was all gone in my alone time I realized I was bisexual. All that came out of that was my dad hated me and me and my cousin became closer because he's gay and I guess we can relate a lot with all the things and share a lot of personal things more than my parents would ever understand. Still to this day I am trying to claim the title of yoshimitsu and will never give up my name is Antonio or Donovan.
Fanero 3 kun oldin
Same. But i'm a bird man.
defluffehpuppy 10 kun oldin
“Who are you?” I’m a trans nonbinary genderfluid omnisexual (girl preference). I’m still figuring myself out. I go to a catholic school where the staff supports it, but the students will physically attack anything lgbtq. My friend is a lesbian and she went through an attempted ATTACK because a boy in our class didn’t like that. I’m afraid. I can cry, whine, and hate myself. But there’s nothing in this world that can change who I am. This video really helped me figure out who I am as a person. And now I’m fairly certain. I’m Apollo.
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