I Have Face Blindness (Prosopagnosia) - Animation

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Sources for prosopagnosia
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Katzun Oy oldin
HEY! Amy uses they/them pronouns. This video was made before they came out.
That Weird Trans Dude T〰T
That Weird Trans Dude T〰T 6 kun oldin
Your acting skills are bomb bro 👁👄👁
Artist In Yellow
Artist In Yellow 11 kun oldin
SimpingShrimp 13 kun oldin
Good for them! :D
Merengue acnh
Merengue acnh 21 kun oldin
Why's it called developmental if you are born with it and didn't develop it???
Steen Universe
Steen Universe Oy oldin
That intro tho
Blake Waters
Blake Waters 15 soat oldin
Potato Productions
Potato Productions Kun oldin
I recognize people by their hair and voice. Based on that I give them a made up nickname because I will never rember their face/actual name.
Dylan Sandbrook
Dylan Sandbrook 2 kun oldin
2:48 cute
Connor Sexton
Connor Sexton 2 kun oldin
Looking in a mirror and seeing soneone you don't know, 😫😫😫
M B 2 kun oldin
i don't know if i have prosopagnosia (if i do it's quite mild) but once a girl in my class whose face i see every day and sit next to in science and talk to a lot once put her hair up and suddenly i had no idea who she was so that's a fun fact about me
Aramau Meows
Aramau Meows 3 kun oldin
Guys what if ash has face blindness
Itz _ Berry
Itz _ Berry 3 kun oldin
When you talked about Aphantasia that just sounds sad :[
Cronic Pain
Cronic Pain 4 kun oldin
*laughs in both aphantasia and prosopagnosia and colour blind*
Cronic Pain
Cronic Pain 4 kun oldin
Yes my life is pain 🙃
DE23 :]
DE23 :] 5 kun oldin
Illymation as a dog is the best thing ever
Halo 5 kun oldin
The acting skills, are on POINT!
Shiggy 7 kun oldin
I- thought that was normal, I should see a doctor
sweet pea
sweet pea 8 kun oldin
unrelated but i think it's pretty hecking cool your persona is half owl, since you depicted their dad has an owl
meoka2368 8 kun oldin
I figured out that I have this about a year ago. Makes a lot of my experiences a lot more sense.
DK LK 9 kun oldin
hm. I have always thought I was bad at names. or forget the person face I was talking to at work.
Lilliana Eclipse
Lilliana Eclipse 9 kun oldin
I'm almost positive I have this, though like an inbetween thing. I cant recognize my face and often mistake my friends or such for others, and have even approached people thinking they are my parents, or completely wont recognize my friend, but if I'm paying super close attention I can recognize faces for like a couple of minutes, like of I'm taking a face test or something, it just doesnt stick long term. Does this mean I do or dont gave it?
trans man 14
trans man 14 10 kun oldin
They look so f****** cute as animals
kaden dale
kaden dale 10 kun oldin
I am diagnosed with clinical Squirrley disorder (Add)
Zorcoom 10 kun oldin
Molly DoesYT
Molly DoesYT 10 kun oldin
ok, a bit off topic buutt when you said, "My girlfriend" i asked, "Girlfriend as in a friend thats a girl or dating?" I i wanna know the answer cause i am looking for lgbtq+ youtubers that are big! Sorry if its a senseivtive topic.
Ezra Stone
Ezra Stone 9 kun oldin
Finster 10 kun oldin
Arthur Pontoglio
Arthur Pontoglio 10 kun oldin
Shit. I'm glad for that video because i never knew that there was name for that, i don't really know if i had it my how life but i surely have it i struggle in the simple act of visualizing faces, even my on So thank you
Artist In Yellow
Artist In Yellow 11 kun oldin
They look like two diff peeps at 10:44 hmm
Kaleb Bailstorm
Kaleb Bailstorm 11 kun oldin
this was interesting to hear about, I've heard about it before, but it's nice to hear it from someone actually going through it. It also makes sense why you would go to art/animation and even the furry art you like to draw. Since I'm sure it's probably easier to see the difference between characters that way rather than live action actors. Cause with animation and cartoons, other things are usually more prominent to distinguish characters. Not just that the main character wears the same outfit all the time, but the hair usually always stands out and certain features are exaggerated. Also makes me wonder about myself because I've had mild moment where I see an actor from an unusual angle and I go, "Wait... who is...?" And I have to find where in the paragraph or description says the name of the person to realize who it is. I wonder if I should take a test on this or something? Lmao, either way, it isn't super severe for me. Great video Kat.
CreatorToast and Fandimation
CreatorToast and Fandimation 11 kun oldin
One time I was at the mall and I was waiting for my mom at the entrance. I was waiting around for her to come in, but I couldn't find her, until I recognized my dad next to her. That day I couldn't find my mom, she was wearing a wig. That was the day I realized that I recognized my mom by her hair, and not her face.
Menninkäinen 11 kun oldin
Dunno if i have it. I have add and aspergers and appreantly people with autism have quite common this face blindness. Like sumetimes i cabt regonize people faces very well especially if i dont know them well or if there is other people who have same hair style etc. One time when i was watching a movie i thought there were two different bad guys working together cause they had different hair styles. But people who i watched movie with told me those were same person. I literally thought they were different person cause of their hairstyle etc.
Robyn Youngberg
Robyn Youngberg 11 kun oldin
Hey Cat! Dont let the misinformed people get you down. I think most people who care about you, Would understand and if they had a misconception that hurt you. Likely they will apologize. I have FASD and ADD. Since I was very little. Its actually so bad that it got diagnosed when I was so young I cant even remember the process. I do remember being pulled from classes some times to do cognitive tests. Becuse of this as I grew up my family faught hard to get me on a social assistant program. Basically I am un able to work becuse of my condition effectively enough to support myself. If someone who doesn't know me finds this out they can get angry and very belligerent. Saying that physically there is nothing wrong with me so I shouldn't ever have gotten on it. Others (even family) will complain about how some people who dont need it are abusing these systems to sit on thier asses and make money. Not really thinking about how that might effect me. Becuse physically I look fine and have gotten very good at masking my symptoms over the years. What I have learned is- Once you show the people you care about that this affects you. The ones who love you will be understanding and support you. These are the ones to listen to and value thier opinions. I hope that helps. I know it's not the same for everyone. But if this helped you at all ^^ Then it was worth writing. Stay well durring quarantine!
The Neighbourhood Queer
The Neighbourhood Queer 11 kun oldin
I feel like I have the opposite of this condition I feel like I'm very good at recognizing faces like last week I pointed out to the person watching me that the actor on screen was the same actor of Carlisle wife in twilight I haven't watched twilight in years
Kittychu animation 2nd
Kittychu animation 2nd 12 kun oldin
Circus Baby
Circus Baby 12 kun oldin
I have dyslexia .....sow i chose my video carfuly Aldo i would undestand it. I can undestand you ....but just at the minute...random i full undestand...a normal person it woul undestand your video just by the title
Shaun Williams
Shaun Williams 12 kun oldin
It’s funny because I have face blindness but people always seem to use other things to recognize me Lil my walk or legs or voice. It took me a very long time to figure out how to remember people. I tend to just ask tbh
Holland Treichler
Holland Treichler 13 kun oldin
terezi pyrope
terezi pyrope 14 kun oldin
i dont have any kind of prosopagnosia diognosies, but i cant watch movies becuse i literally dont know the difference between any of the characters unless they have distinctive clothes or hair. We are watching the outsiders in school, and they all look the same xD
Liz M
Liz M 14 kun oldin
Can we just appreciate that Kat is able to do so much even with prosopagnosia! I know that it obviously doesn’t affect them as much when it comes to art but they have drawn so many new characters and OCs so beautifully!! Great animation kat!
Conner Bee
Conner Bee 15 kun oldin
the bump par thapened me but i can see faces i hit a beem at my school
Midnight Amber
Midnight Amber 15 kun oldin
What kind of brin injury dud u get? and how?
The Blue teabag
The Blue teabag 15 kun oldin
Guess who is getting a art tablet for there brother
KingKongYT The Alpha
KingKongYT The Alpha 16 kun oldin
Does it have a cure or not?
penguid369 16 kun oldin
Lola P
Lola P 16 kun oldin
i think im the example : 12:58 one of my friends always haves there hair up in a high up ponytail once she came out of class and i had to make sure it was her. (it was her)
Wolvez Huggin' Cattoz
Wolvez Huggin' Cattoz 17 kun oldin
I have Aphantasia. I think... It's really hard for me to picture people's faces, objects, and even MY OWN PARENTS in my head. Before I watched this video, I did not know what Prosopagnosia nor Aphantasia were. Thank You Katzun, I realized what I have.
FirestarXx05 17 kun oldin
WHAT. No way I’ve never heard of this before
Tina Z
Tina Z 17 kun oldin
Mmm delicious some fresh ableism
Autumn Siglock
Autumn Siglock 18 kun oldin
(5:55) to (6:02) That's like getting an A+ on a test and go up to your friend who got a C- or something and say "Aw I wish I had your grade!" Like- no you don't do that.
Oak Greenwood
Oak Greenwood 18 kun oldin
I love ur sarcastic energy lol
liset moreno
liset moreno 18 kun oldin
Huh....its weird because im watching this in April 1st 2021.LLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL
MLEGG EGG 19 kun oldin
Savannah Baker
Savannah Baker 19 kun oldin
My grandma has that
someone- 19 kun oldin
I understand the getting damage aka a concussion and my eyesight I got so bad that sometimes my eyes will blur at some points and I can’t see sometimes
Rainbow CatTail
Rainbow CatTail 19 kun oldin
12:14 an example of this in real life, but with cats because I hate everyone else: my cat Tango, has a few tiny little black dots on her face, her eyes are green in sunlight, and golden in unnatural light, I can recognize how she's not that fluffy, she's skittish, her ear fluff, the chip on her ear, and the exact shade of her fur. so when my mom shows me a picture of a random cat that's the same breed, I get offended because they look nothing like Tango. I get easily offended when it comes to Tango.
Rainbow CatTail
Rainbow CatTail 19 kun oldin
oh crap I might have that-
Cili Cupcakes
Cili Cupcakes 19 kun oldin
Does this also mean that you can’t see women from men or non-binary people?
Lesbian Y/N - T/N
Lesbian Y/N - T/N 20 kun oldin
Yo kat, I think your hair would look great in pink, (I just think it would fit you well) I just love pink hair and honestly, I think you should try it
RekonExper 20 kun oldin
I saw the Danplan logo
Ori's channel
Ori's channel 21 kun oldin
im dating a girl
Dylan Dudley
Dylan Dudley 21 kun oldin
I feel like having developmental prosopagnosia is better than acquired prosopagnosia because developmental means you don’t know what it’s like so your more used to it (that is unless you have it really badly) whereas if you have acquired prosopagnosia you do know what it was like and know that you can’t go back to it so kat I’m really sorry
Merengue acnh
Merengue acnh 21 kun oldin
•Sleepii Ashii•
•Sleepii Ashii• 22 kun oldin
I have prosopagnosia and oh lord I can’t thank you enough for making this, it helped my friends know why I can’t recognize them by their face a lot
Olympia Beaulieu
Olympia Beaulieu 22 kun oldin
I hate living prosopagnosia cheers to anyone who has to live with this
ezzabonbon 22 kun oldin
I didn’t even know this sort of thing existed. 😅 thank you for sharing your experiences and it’s gotten me to really think.
Emerson Holden
Emerson Holden 23 kun oldin
This was really interesting and I think my cousin has it. We were over and we took a two day break. I came over two days later with a different hairstyle and he didn’t recognize me. I think it’s kind of between bad and not so bad. I always try to keep something about me the same. He’s given all his friends color coded braclets (most are male) and they didn’t even complain, just rolled with it.
Nathan Casillas
Nathan Casillas 23 kun oldin
I think I have the same thing but I have headaches and I can't remember names so I call it " name nype nausea
Kai Tries To Draw
Kai Tries To Draw 24 kun oldin
My mother once thought I had face blindness because I occasionally talk about videos I really like and this happened to be one of them. It happened when she was describing one of her long time friends I have met before, but I could not for the life of me remember who this person was. Even when my mom showed me a photo I couldn't recognize them. So she immediately assumed I have face blindness. This is false, I have no problems recognizing most people. I have adhd so I forget things easily if they're not in my line of sight, ya know, out of sight out of mind. This does apply to people, even those I've known for a long time if I haven't seen them in a few years. I just thought it was kinda funny at the time that my mother was so panicked about me having it because I already have so many other problems.. for example: anxiety and gender dysphoria. This video also helped me educate my mother on this being a real thing, as when I first mentioned it, she thought I was making it up.
Kitsune Crow
Kitsune Crow 25 kun oldin
I have a short brown bob... huh
Xx Peach The Floof xX
Xx Peach The Floof xX 25 kun oldin
I have now learned I have a mild case of prosopagnosia, Thank you Kat, For letting me know of my illness
M B 25 kun oldin
thanks for helping me solve an ace attorney case, kat
lielk foxer
lielk foxer 26 kun oldin
Her:they may just think they are forgetful or bad at names me:sweats 😅
Pheonix Angel
Pheonix Angel 26 kun oldin
Hey uh I'm wondering if I have face blindness if the following events occurred. I tried to say hi to an old teacher of mine and I loudly asked him I he knew who I was - I didn't realise after he went into the office that he was actually the school principal. I also saw a person speaking to a class and thought she was a good upper class friend of mine - due to to her dismissing tone, I stopped a realised she was a girl that I had ask to stop talking to me, because I didn't like her. I got really embarrassing memories from it - could I potentially have it 🤔
재이 Jae
재이 Jae 20 kun oldin
it’d be best if you asked a doctor about it, youtube comment section can’t be the best place for finding this out 😅
FoxoBoi Plays
FoxoBoi Plays 26 kun oldin
I think I might have Face Blindness. I have many of the same problems you mentioned in this video. I'm gonna talk to a doctor to see if I really do have it. Edit: Well shit...
Nahla tryes to Draw
Nahla tryes to Draw 27 kun oldin
I can’t recognize my own face, but I can recognize my mom and dad’s faces, and I can just barley recognize a few of my closest friends faces, whenever my best friend Nate gets a hair cut, I’m like “who is this stranger”. do I have Prosopagnosia? Btw, when I only talk to people through zoom calls, and they’r off screen all the time, I forget their face... Edit: wait a minute- I only don’t recognize my own face when I’m wearing my hair in a braid/ponytail and/or bun- my bad
Cam M
Cam M 27 kun oldin
As an artist with aphantasia I usually do realism because I base things off of what I see irl because I cant picture it, but I can still draw lmao
Danika Harrelson
Danika Harrelson 28 kun oldin
me reliveing i have face blindness:...oop 😳
Danika Harrelson
Danika Harrelson 28 kun oldin
ps. i didnt know because i didnt know i was different and i thought that it was normal
Inflatable Tortoise
Inflatable Tortoise 29 kun oldin
Your art is gorgeous! God has truly blessed you with a talent, love!! 💚💖 He loves you so much!
dugga 06
dugga 06 Oy oldin
Holding up the universe is an amazing book to explain this disorder :)
Skylar the tort UwU
Skylar the tort UwU Oy oldin
You're probably the first story I know that has 1 million subs I think ur a furry I dunno
Monkie IDontMatter
Monkie IDontMatter Oy oldin
Thank you so much!
Emily p3nnycraft
Emily p3nnycraft Oy oldin
Thanks for the informative video! I'm curious, do you still experience pareidolia when you have prosopagnosia? Pareidolia is that thing where a brain recognizes patterns where none exist, like seeing faces in inanimate objects or animals in clouds. It's the reason we don't have to teach people that a colon followed by a close-parenthesis is meant to be read as a smiley face :)
Tuzzikayo n Bunzukiayo
Tuzzikayo n Bunzukiayo Oy oldin
Alexis Sibaja
Alexis Sibaja Oy oldin
I know about prosopagnosia from Ace from 999, always it's good know a little more about things like this (Sorry for my bad english, just wanna leave a comment(?)
재이 Jae
재이 Jae 20 kun oldin
your english is fine so don’t be sorry haha
SpookyMushrooms Oy oldin
Kat is canonically dead This is not poggers
Naomi Mulqueen
Naomi Mulqueen Oy oldin
I'm the opposite. I recognise faces instantly but go blank on names which is awkward when you've known someone for a while and don't talk for like a week and then just...forget.
Wesley P
Wesley P Oy oldin
recognizing faces is one of the more complex specialized parts of the human brain. it would be interesting if you joined a brain study so they could try to examine that part of your brain to try and figure out why it isnt working. the facial recognition part of the brain is one of the most powerful specialized parts of the brain so its very sad you cant see faces. most of the worlds people who are highly skilled at things often use the facial recognition part of the brain to do tasks t a super human level. like chess players. they begin memoring plays and moves using the face recognition portion of their brain. i do wonder if you and other people could have that part of your brain healed or reconnected. in fact it could just be that your brain isnt wired correctly due to some head injury or complication at some point in your life. if thats the case there are many forms of brain therapy they are using now that helps reconnect/reform connects in the brain that were lost due to damage. they are currently using this on people who lack empathy because that part of their brains have become damaged do to being beaten or born with brain damage. im not sure how content you are the way you are, but if i was you id look into possible treatments.
Kamp Kyriopoulos
Kamp Kyriopoulos Oy oldin
Dude like bro what was that opening clip
alenn luthess
alenn luthess Oy oldin
Thank you sooo much!!
l Oy oldin
Awesome video and explanation. I have a very mild version. I say very mild because I think that I'm pretty good at recognizing people I know/have talked to a few times. But when I worked in retail, I had issues with totally forgetting who the person I was just helping looked like. I'd go to the back to get the item they asked for, come back out a few minutes or less later, and, even though I was paying attention to them and looking right at them while talking, I couldn't recall who they were. It made for some awkward times of having to walk around and ask random people if they needed help, hoping that the person I was helping would notice me and wave me over.
Lenny Jenkins
Lenny Jenkins Oy oldin
jesus christ but i think i might partially have prosopagnosia and aphantasia-
justanonion Oy oldin
“People think I have stupid disease” All to real. I have ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) and are pretty bad on the spectrum but I have better grades than everyone who makes fun of me. I’m not stupid because my brain doesn’t work the same as your peanut sized one. Just shut the hell up.
Mégane Gélinas
Mégane Gélinas Oy oldin
i have difficulty remembering if someone wears glasses or not. my only way of remembering is by drawing them a few times
Cheesy0nion Oy oldin
Uhhh whatever you do, don't play 999 from the zero escape series ahaha the antagonist's main motivation is that they want to cure their prosopagnosia so y e a h that can be kinda yikes depending on how you look at it other than that the game is literally one of the best games i've ever played
thank you, I appreciate this information so much actually, it was something that I had never even heard of, but feel like i understand now. My mom has aphantasia so i also really REALLY appreciate the refference to Amy right Meow's video!
Leah Taylor McKenzie
Leah Taylor McKenzie Oy oldin
no one ganna talk abuot the school is floating?
Jaxon Kolbjornsen
Jaxon Kolbjornsen Oy oldin
Wow your complaining? I have so many Nero logical problems. Autism, asburgers, face blindness, depression, anxiety, and and the list goes on Note: Kat sry but your problems are still Bad.
재이 Jae
재이 Jae 20 kun oldin
don’t compare problems. i’m sure a lot of people have it worse off than you too, but it doesn’t make ur problems less bad than them too
Ashygrounds Oy oldin
Moosification Oy oldin
Sometimes people wave to me on the street but Ihave no idea who they are. Like wtf. I tend to ignore them or give a slight wave back. That's all I can think of tho.
Hyram Oy oldin
Wait that person in cats was Katy perry?
A Derpy Hooman
A Derpy Hooman Oy oldin
My first vid and i subscribed and i have no regrets 😎
TheCynicalHufflepuff Oy oldin
No, you can see the face, you just can't remember them just based on their face. Like if you see a stranger, kinda. You can see everything about them, you just don't know them just cuz of their face. Like you said, you can see everything else. I think? Not sure but does that kinda explain it?
Creative Kitty
Creative Kitty Oy oldin
Omg same everything i draw looks differebt to the creation i made
houndoom mama
houndoom mama Oy oldin
i'm crying I thought I was retarded
houndoom mama
houndoom mama Oy oldin
@Katzun thank you that's so sweet of you, i'm an animator myself and yes I have aspergers. Nice content keep it up!
Katzun Oy oldin
you are definitely not the r word because you are neurodivergent
skeptic moderate
skeptic moderate Oy oldin
I have very mild face blindness, but it gets really bad when watching movies where all of the actors look very similar. I remember I was watching a movie with my friend, and I couldn't distinguish between the two white male leads with very similar face shapes for the life of me. My friend was acting like I was faking it or joking around, but I was like no I seriously can't tell the difference. I think that was the first time it really hit me that my whole life I'd struggled with this when watching movies/TV, to the point where it legitimately makes it more difficult for me to follow the plot. There's a lady who looks very similar to Skyler in Breaking Bad, and I remember not realizing they were two people and being very confused.
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