Girls I'm in LOVE With (Storytime - Speedpaint)

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First upload F'd up I'm sorry! Here it is for REAL!
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Katzun Yil oldin
Messing up the first upload??? On KATZUN’S channel? Couldn’t be me. Anyway, go follow my Instagram! @_katzun_
Operation Cake
Operation Cake Oy oldin
I *felt* your "women are just so sexy" part **insert closeted bi/trans guy smile**
Elektro 2 oy oldin
0:28 - To be honest you're not wrong
i has diarrhea pro
i has diarrhea pro 3 oy oldin
Am now
Lumpy 69
Lumpy 69 4 oy oldin
I'm not gay... But.
วิโรจน์ พนากิจไพวัลย์
วิโรจน์ พนากิจไพวัลย์ 4 oy oldin
jack8561 jack8561
jack8561 jack8561 8 kun oldin
I wuv u Kat and ur not going to hell 4 being gay I wuv lgbtq and wuv ur content so much and am glad u came out and got such positive responses! Personally I'm a straight guy but I very much support gay people! U keep up the good work Kat UwU
George the family dog
George the family dog 9 kun oldin
Gurl ur intro is da best!
Chill woman
Chill woman 13 kun oldin
*Instant blush* Agree
Ava Courtney
Ava Courtney 13 kun oldin
Ok so I am straight but I SUPPORT YOU
Flower_ Girl
Flower_ Girl 14 kun oldin
And I just want to know
Flower_ Girl
Flower_ Girl 14 kun oldin
Can you tell me what app you use plz
KatMoone 18 kun oldin
Even straight people agree woman are prettier
pokatimx 21 kun oldin
0:30 youve got a point
pokatimx 21 kun oldin
plus i like ur intro
Insert Name
Insert Name 21 kun oldin
mehcat 's studio
mehcat 's studio 22 kun oldin
I really like ur intro :p
Ayeisha Animic
Ayeisha Animic 25 kun oldin
If you dont like the gays then why the FUCK are you still here?!
rdosanjh1 26 kun oldin
BlackTime Freddy Fazbear
BlackTime Freddy Fazbear 27 kun oldin
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 10 kun oldin
Stranger 28 kun oldin
same when I was little I used to be in love with those characters
Kumo Oy oldin
I'm straight but i so happy to see that gay people be proud of myself(sorry for my bad englich i'm german (T^T)
Faerrin Spann
Faerrin Spann Oy oldin
you are my hollzie
Operation Cake
Operation Cake Oy oldin
Queer essentials: Katzun sub, Girl in red sub, at least one sub to a LGBTQ persons yt channel other than Katzun, cuffed jeans, converse.
ƈσƚƚαɠҽ.ƈαƚ.ʂƚυԃισʂ Oy oldin
Ayyyeee I'm non binary!
Lesbian Y/N - T/N
Lesbian Y/N - T/N Oy oldin
I cannot stop re-playing the start, cuz OMFG that's me when with my parents (not homophobes but I'm still in the good old gay closet) but then jump into texting with my four very gay friends (three are bi one is gay and one is my gf)
Azul Neko
Azul Neko Oy oldin
meow meow my itty bitty kitty litter so trash :/ like ive never saw a worst intro in da world :/
Azul Neko
Azul Neko 8 kun oldin
@FoxTale Art oK
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 10 kun oldin
@Azul Neko I dOnT kNoW iM tRyInG To DrAw RiGhT nOw
Azul Neko
Azul Neko 10 kun oldin
@FoxTale Art Why are you acting like it?
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 10 kun oldin
@Azul Neko why r u describing me-
Azul Neko
Azul Neko 10 kun oldin
@FoxTale Art *Y. E. S* TRASH *T R A S H* *G A R B A G E*
Wrong Hordak
Wrong Hordak Oy oldin
I love the intro
LennyGD Oy oldin
"your intro is amazing totally" - From absolutely nobody
Artisto Artz
Artisto Artz Oy oldin
I feel like anyone who likes girls found that out from Jessica Rabbit. I fucking love her and she’s my blame for why I’m a bisexual panromantic
Bernadette Murphy
Bernadette Murphy Oy oldin
*kat opens folders* gays making out : Hello there
Carrie Rose
Carrie Rose Oy oldin
I like the art also whos the bunny girl
꧁ Tiny Bean Boi ꧂
꧁ Tiny Bean Boi ꧂ Oy oldin
keep the intro i command you
Classic_Clown13 Oy oldin
patiently waiting for marciling the vampire queen.
Caelyn Morton
Caelyn Morton Oy oldin
How come LGBT+ people are so relatable?! Either ya'll need to stop being relatable, or I gotta just... **Waves LGBTQ+ flag around** 🏳️‍🌈
Otaku Loaf
Otaku Loaf Oy oldin
Me: a cis, straight male Katzun 🤝 Liking girls (Btw I’m a recent subscriber, and I like your art style it’s very unique)
My123mon Oy oldin
There was this cute girl when I was in kindergarten, she was in 3rd grade at the time, but I was like “girls can’t have a crush on girls” in my head but I did like her, I just didn’t realize it
My123mon Oy oldin
Wait sonic is for kids why’d they put a sexy bat lady in-
franky boy
franky boy Oy oldin
Gotta teach em sometime.
Mc_wolfy 3
Mc_wolfy 3 Oy oldin
2:35 Jokes on you I'm a furry and I don't even like space jam.(Most likely cause of my parents)
trashzy 2 oy oldin
Wait till she sees the mom from Friday night funkin-
Kai Balsam
Kai Balsam 2 oy oldin
lovely rainbows.
KaylinAri vidz
KaylinAri vidz 2 oy oldin
... :] this video will forever make me smile and it brightens my day. Edit: can we talk about how amazing this video is compared to this comment section
x mochi x
x mochi x 2 oy oldin
Soooo no one is going to talk bout 8:43 that exact second 🙂
KomoriPeaches 2 oy oldin
Wesley Tatum
Wesley Tatum 2 oy oldin
Katzun:"Shadow" "Rouge the bat" Me:Yes just yes.
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu 2 oy oldin
Lol I LOVE your intro!
Sabby Burns
Sabby Burns 2 oy oldin
keep the intro please its to good to not use
Rebelle07 2 oy oldin
"It's about to get SO gay on y'all" *Lesbian screeches of happiness*
franky boy
franky boy Oy oldin
@Rebelle07 lesbian files
Rebelle07 Oy oldin
@franky boy **illuminati music intensifies**
franky boy
franky boy Oy oldin
*Lesbian? I thought you were american*
Paul Swygard
Paul Swygard 2 oy oldin
You art is grat
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 10 kun oldin
just a boy
just a boy 2 oy oldin
Hay you like girls sameeeeeee
ashton the cabbit
ashton the cabbit 2 oy oldin
i became a sonic fan but moves on to klonoa recently, but i got into sonic the same way. i was in a library on 2018 and my dad showed me this disk and first thing in my head was, well its sonic so why not and i havent gotten any books or anything. but i was a sonic fan for almost 3 years. i then i found this video that was the same art style (kemono) and thought well its peter knetter so it must be a good video. i didnt think much of it until i got empire of dreams and a GBA. i love that game and the fanart is amazing and looks offical. and so much gay ship art. like the entire fanbase is just klonoa and sorrow. i wanna keep going but this comments long enough.
Goro Majima
Goro Majima 2 oy oldin
One of the things that pushed me to realising that I like men was when Sidon came on screen in breath of the wild-
XxFoxyGaminxX X
XxFoxyGaminxX X 2 oy oldin
I wasn’t shy saying I was a furry and I’m proud to be a furry :3, but there’s people out there that hate furries just bc. Like and comment if you think furries are mistreated just for being different.
XxFoxyGaminxX X
XxFoxyGaminxX X 2 oy oldin
Damn that’s cold
lxx sgh
lxx sgh 2 oy oldin
they are. Picking on a minority just because. Something messed up only humans can do.
2 oy oldin
I was about to say IF YOU DONT SAY JESSICA-
Ididles TV :3
Ididles TV :3 2 oy oldin
I don’t think my sexuality exists i like the agony and pain of others
TigerMyth 4 kun oldin
@Yellow Meowstic Actually, that's a sadist
Yellow Meowstic
Yellow Meowstic 2 oy oldin
“masochist” is what you call a person who likes the pain of others.
ARaccoon Bear
ARaccoon Bear 2 oy oldin
*Laughs in lesbian*
Lilitco 2 oy oldin
*POV: you start feeling homosexual tendecies reading this comment.*
friendlypsycho 2 oy oldin
Fangirling intensifies
Надежда Поляничкина
Надежда Поляничкина 2 oy oldin
Удивляйтесь что здесь
The GwinnLandry tribe
The GwinnLandry tribe 2 oy oldin
Your intro is the best 🥳
Natimationarts 2 oy oldin
Natimationarts 2 oy oldin
Imagine if sonic characters where real and saw this they would have mixed feelings the would be flattered and maybe a bit creeped out
Emparin 2 oy oldin
I like the intro
Emparin 2 oy oldin
Cherrymelodies 2 oy oldin
Another wonderfully gay song is Oh My God by (G)I-dle. In the Korean version you can’t tell it’s gay unless you pay attention to the chorus, but the English version is pretty darn gay. Look it up if you like K-Pop.
- Maggot Falls -
- Maggot Falls - 2 oy oldin
I remember watching this when I thought i was straight- Now I'm watching it and I am very gay
Toni Brentson
Toni Brentson 2 oy oldin
YOUR INTRO IS TERRIBLE CHANGE YOUR NAME NOW!!!! ( in actually like it but I like that name)
i has diarrhea pro
i has diarrhea pro 2 oy oldin
am pro :sunglasses:
Ooferdoodlez 2 oy oldin
Bro- I love the intro but you should DEFINITELY change your name to Shadow The Hedgehog you would become a GOD I SWEAR-
TOP SMAS 2 oy oldin
Shadow number 1 top tier 👌
The Commie
The Commie 2 oy oldin
Ok so I'm NOT the only one who had a lady boner when Rouge was on? And I'm NOT the only one who had a crush on Jessica Rabbit?
Loyd gaming
Loyd gaming 2 oy oldin
You say it ;)
Tuna sandwich
Tuna sandwich 2 oy oldin
“ it’s about to get gay “ HMMMMM get the popcorn ! Also I love shadow :3 I’m not gay no but all my friends are cause y’all are so sweet.
Sophia Reitz
Sophia Reitz 2 oy oldin
Jdhajsjdbsjdjsbsb as a lesbian i say yes to big tiddie bat bimbo
Sophia Reitz
Sophia Reitz 2 oy oldin
Your butt wipes my lord 🧻🧻🧻
rꪖꪀᦔꪮꪑ ρꫀrsꪮꪀ
rꪖꪀᦔꪮꪑ ρꫀrsꪮꪀ 2 oy oldin
Dude Halsey is amazing. I first found out about her from a book series, Wings of Fire, in TWO MAPs made by my favorite animator; BluJae, the MAPs were, of course WoF, and the More One was like.. FUCKING EMOTIONAL OF MY FUCKING GOD! Now, whenever I’m on a bus or feeling down I listen to the Instrumental of More by Halsey, it’s literally a song that calms me down and makes me feel better.
rꪖꪀᦔꪮꪑ ρꫀrsꪮꪀ
rꪖꪀᦔꪮꪑ ρꫀrsꪮꪀ 2 oy oldin
Get ready for Epic Coincidence-I-Think-Not moment. I watched this on the same day my friend sent me a photo saying that if you’re born in January, you’re sexy, if You’re born in February, You’re hot, etc. etc. I’m born in January. Katzun said girls are sexy. I’m a female. *I’M A LESBIAN FEMALE**
Ozone 2 oy oldin
Hello hello my itty bitty kitty litter, im here to say that I’m smol And I’m very smol And I love sonic Thank you for listening to me!
DarkNovirst 05
DarkNovirst 05 2 oy oldin
Your intro the best first day and I’m in love with the channel
snuu bear
snuu bear 3 oy oldin
let me say a few things being gay is ok I feel like im gay but I don't know yet I hope im gay
Charlotte Clearman
Charlotte Clearman 3 oy oldin
Lemme tell y’all sum, Rouge is TOP TIER and amazing.
Merlyn Friesen
Merlyn Friesen 3 oy oldin
Ok ok your intro is “amazing”
Kocury _pl
Kocury _pl 3 oy oldin
I realy like that intro dedass
BlueOwO 3 oy oldin
I Respect gay people And Gay ships I'm gay btw
mistymoor 3 oy oldin
Is nobody going to talk about how many layers there are?
Adrianna Oller
Adrianna Oller 3 oy oldin
keep the meow meow my itty bitty kitty litter
Adrianna Oller
Adrianna Oller 3 oy oldin
plz dont be mad at me for asking this buuuuuut...... what are homofobes?
Katz23 ꧂
Katz23 ꧂ 3 oy oldin
o homophobes are people who hate lgbtq+ for no reason
Ceridwen Donkin
Ceridwen Donkin 3 oy oldin
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm the yes the me the very the gay
tackywolf yt
tackywolf yt 3 oy oldin
All hail are gay lord
Lucas Manuel Valdés Palacios
Lucas Manuel Valdés Palacios 3 oy oldin
Your intro is great just for not saying the best
Flame Animation
Flame Animation 3 oy oldin
I hope everything is great and... I agree with you
French Soldier
French Soldier 3 oy oldin
Your intro is the best and not annoying, keep it forever
BearFlipsTable 3 oy oldin
calling yourself heterobro is pretty gay dude.
Gadoxplayer 3 oy oldin
ChickenUnion Animations
ChickenUnion Animations 3 oy oldin
idk why people cannot just accept other people for who they are, and not the streotypes of what they are.
The Rose Flower
The Rose Flower 3 oy oldin
Where are rouge's wings
Emerson 1234 Ventura
Emerson 1234 Ventura 3 oy oldin
i like your vidl
Emerson 1234 Ventura
Emerson 1234 Ventura 3 oy oldin
And im 10
Emerson 1234 Ventura
Emerson 1234 Ventura 3 oy oldin
Emerson 1234 Ventura
Emerson 1234 Ventura 3 oy oldin
Im not gay
Ashni Yuni
Ashni Yuni 3 oy oldin
Katzon: I'm not censoring the gay 12 ppl subbed
Lulwa Almezel
Lulwa Almezel 3 oy oldin
I'm not gay but I don't mind gay people tho
Sally Sisco Horton
Sally Sisco Horton 3 oy oldin
Petition to change Katzun's intro to "Meow meow hewwo dere my iddy biddy widdle kiddy widder! UwU."
VioletSkiy 3 oy oldin
It would be cool if you still posted on your other channel without censoring anything on your main
Hi_I’m_ri 3 oy oldin
Dude I can agree I found out was I gay when I took one look at widowmaker from overwatch That’s a joke But yeah women are hot but so are men 😌
Bamboozled_Mushroom 3 oy oldin
Katzun: **Talks about life** Me: “Wow they are so good at drawing backgrounds”
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