Coming Out (Animation)

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I know a lot of you already know that I'm gay, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.
I animate in Toon Boom and edit in Premiere Pro and use a Mobile Studio Pro to draw!
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Katzun 2 yil oldin
I know a lot of you already know that I'm queer, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.
Thatoneguy Mcfuqu
Thatoneguy Mcfuqu Oy oldin
Warm and fuzzy
Nina Ivancevic
Nina Ivancevic 2 oy oldin
Im a child
Eli Fedak
Eli Fedak 2 oy oldin
Malak A
Malak A 2 oy oldin
i love you too and im a bisexual girl and my family is very homophobic. sometimes i get a little confused on my gender and sexuality but i figure it out in the end.
SNOW furry TM ziro
SNOW furry TM ziro 3 oy oldin
I am a furry owo I am B
l 13 soat oldin
*Not me coming out to my friend by saying a girl in our class is really pretty and telling them I felt some type of way when she called me pretty*
road burrito
road burrito 17 soat oldin
Jessica Rabbit: Boobydoo Doopygoo everyone who see me is gay and so are YOU
Donovan Stribling
Donovan Stribling Kun oldin
I'm bi
Pencil Thorn ?
Pencil Thorn ? Kun oldin
Yo PSA! if any jerk using religion as a crutch to spout their opinions tries to throw Leviticus 18:22 at you ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS "go read Matthew 7:1 again." If they know the verse it should shut them up immediately, if not and they look it up later they will feel like the worst idiot. For context this it the verse. "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"
Lila Rooney
Lila Rooney Kun oldin
Thank you so much for this video I’m Omnisexual and this is so helpful because I’m still in the closet
Himiko toga!
Himiko toga! 2 kun oldin
thank you very much for taking me out of my shell i have now told my mum but I'm too scared to tell anyone else... well i mean i did just tell nearly everyone that watches this show but all i wanted to say is thank you!
ERIN EN 2 kun oldin
The hold me down drop Me: 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵. Yes I’m a lesbian
BobaTea Productions
BobaTea Productions 2 kun oldin
Love is like spaghetti. It starts off straight, then it turns out to be different.
Sharyra Yanez-Perez
Sharyra Yanez-Perez 3 kun oldin
Hey is okay if you like girl okay
Dream smp clips
Dream smp clips 4 kun oldin
I’m bi and I’m kinda scared of telling my family.......
XxmintyaxolotlxX 4 kun oldin
im bi and trans😁
Froggy-Chan 4 kun oldin
I don't care if I'm going to hell, i can love who i want 💞💞💞
Nugget 5 kun oldin
Oh wow- I already knew I liked girls but that hold me down drop is just 😳 Thats the only way I can describe it
Forrest Walpole
Forrest Walpole 5 kun oldin
I'll be honest with everybody reading this, I have yet to even understand why certain religious groups want to say that we're all God's creations, yet you supposedly go to Hell if you're gay or lesbian. I just want to question them "Why?" If they even so much as mention The Bible, I ask where in the Bible does this even be remotely told? I'll be honest, I was afraid to ask people before. I was but, as I get older, I'm not afraid to ask the big questions anymore.
4Abby Hutchinson
4Abby Hutchinson 5 kun oldin
5:03 someone holding a sign saying “god hates gays” I’m religious but my belief is that god hates no one, even if your gay, bisexual, or anything like that. He loves everybody, and there is no “heaven” or “hell” *(again this just my beliefs)* but there is three stages, one *the lowest* its like earth just no illnesses, or anything bad. Two *the middle* not the best but your still pretty high. And three, *the final one* (ok so I’m going to call god Heavenly Father for now on) your exactly like Heavenly Father and you can maybe even create your own world. Now you might think *what about hell?* My religion calls it *“eternal darkness”* you can only go there if you have the exact proof that Heavenly Father exists but still reject it. Well, thanks for listening to me talk about my religion *(sorry if your bored 😐)*
India Holmes
India Holmes 5 kun oldin
her:i s animator her: character is a purple cat her: thinks we didn't know
felicia hedrick
felicia hedrick 5 kun oldin
*inhale* * *me panicking because I can't tell if my online friend is flirting with me as a friend or as in she likes me because girls have that thing where they flirt with each other in a way that is just friends but we are both gay and I just roll along with it and aHHHHHHHH* *
Christian Canali Shimizu
Christian Canali Shimizu 5 kun oldin
Katzun: *makes video about coming out Me: *L a k e o f G a y*
immortal fox
immortal fox 6 kun oldin
I'm a gay guy and this helped my Grandpa is Homophobic and I was so scared to tell my family
Braveknight4000 7 kun oldin
Amazing story and I am always happy to hear when someone can be comfortable being themselves. Regardless of anyone's opinion being yourself and loving yourself for who you are is a very important aspect of being human and surviving in life. I'm glad your story got better and hope you can inspire others to be themselves and love themselves for who they are. You all deserve to be able to be you and be loved for you. I wish you all happiness :). This is one aspect I can relate to after heartache and pain. It took a time to start loving me for me and believing I deserve someone who will love me for me and I for them("warts and all" as the phrase goes). Without that chemistry pain is almost assured.
Pickle The dinosaur
Pickle The dinosaur 7 kun oldin
I'm glad you found the courage to come out with your family and friends.
Ava Christian
Ava Christian 7 kun oldin
jeus crist, I'm so fricking gay
Croix Winters
Croix Winters 7 kun oldin
when people tell me that im going to hell by being gay i feel relived if you're the kind of people inhabiting heaven id rather be forced to walk on flaming sands while meteors fall from the sky then to sit in a fucking prayer group with you Karen
YourFriend Emile
YourFriend Emile 8 kun oldin
My parents would kick me out of the house if I come out as transgender.....
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 6 kun oldin
Gr0ss Fr0gs
Gr0ss Fr0gs 8 kun oldin
I’m so proud of you 👏💓! :D ^from a pan nerd
dogiscute1234 10 kun oldin
When Rebecca rabbit showed up everyone loved her tbh
Nioosha Es
Nioosha Es 10 kun oldin
Omg it must have been hard for ya :( but its great that you could make it coming out and accepting yourself which is the best decision ever :)❤ Anyways love ya vids and keep it upppp
Mxtchesandflxmes 11 kun oldin
I’m still trying to find out if I am bi or not because I like girls and boys but I’m religious and I learned two weeks ago that it’s fine for other people to be lgbtq but that doesn’t mean we “follow their path” and now I’m still trying to decide😔
Pappiyah 11 kun oldin
Damn im in a very very simular situation...
Nezuko Star
Nezuko Star 12 kun oldin
Jessica rabbit is cute though 0:51
Your Dorkable Artist
Your Dorkable Artist 12 kun oldin
me watching her as a kid: she keeps saying gay what does it mean? me being older and being Bisexual: im dumb she's a lesbian
Xx Creamy Coffee xX
Xx Creamy Coffee xX 12 kun oldin
i don’t know 100% what i am.. but i thought i liked guys and i do like this girl but. i like only 1 or 2 guys bc i thought they would be nice to be but not and kinda made me scared of guys. so i just go by as well bi since i still don’t know
liberal tears
liberal tears 12 kun oldin
Ew a gay
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 6 kun oldin
Ew a homophoic idiot with the IQ of -999
Jazzy 7 kun oldin
@Lemon Boy you see you smooth brain i put an a because i wanted to mimic your reply so maybe grow a few more braincells then the half cell you have left that ate an eraser in 2nd grade wouldnt make all your decisions
Jazzy 7 kun oldin
@Lemon Boy ew a unfunny username
Jazzy 10 kun oldin
dude i find it funny that you hate on people that are different what different does that make you than a racist or an ableist? they discriminate against people different than them. so you must be very insecure and low in confidence so to put yourself a bit higher you make fun of others for being different
liberal tears
liberal tears 11 kun oldin
@river the seawing nuts
Rachel The Soggy Fry
Rachel The Soggy Fry 13 kun oldin
i remember watching this video when it came out... i was rasied to think that being lgbtq is wrong... so i just unsubed to you. Later that same year i actually found myself to be falling for a girl. damn if only i had watched this video sooner about how you came out. I probaly could of advoided so many things... Edit: I'm a girl btw
AreUSuperFreddy 13 kun oldin
Your sexuality isn't choice. So if people hate you because of your sexuality its not your fault. Its how you feel about a gender you cant pick your gender. It depends on what gender you fall for.
Kiera Chmelik
Kiera Chmelik 15 kun oldin
How long I’ll be gay and trans: ∞
Tilli frog the animator
Tilli frog the animator 14 kun oldin
Well Obviously you’re you and you’ll always be you!m
Bean _
Bean _ 15 kun oldin
I have been acting gay af all my life but never realized I was bi till I realized I could be, mu parents never said I couldn't be just thought "of course not me"
DepressedDino 15 kun oldin
This is a bit weird but I’ve had my best friend for awhile let’s call her jay and jay is my best friend forever we met about 3 years ago and the second year of us being friends I started to like at that point I knew I was bisexual and she was pansexual so I fast forward to the next year and I met her other friend who is lesbian and another who is bisexual but I still liked jay she’s so pretty and sweet and in my mind I was like “no no no I can’t have a crush on my best friend what if it ruins our relationship as besties” and then she said that she had told my other bestie her crush and when I went to ask (which I know is wrong of me to ask when she didn’t want me to know) I went to my other bestie who she told (that bestie and I had dated for about a month but we broke up) but jay ran over and would not let me go she did not want me to know who it was and I thought that was weird because I’ve known her longer than any of her other friends and I was a bit upset because she haven’t known the other as long as I’ve known her so I was thinking why not, then it hit me...jay had a crush on me...that’s what I still think to this day but haven’t told her cause I’m not sure if she does or not and I don’t want it to ruin our friendship
Bitch Titters
Bitch Titters 14 kun oldin
Yeah I'm not reading all that, there's no periods and it's written poorly, please try again
ThatChattyCat 17
ThatChattyCat 17 16 kun oldin
Let me say this. Homosexuality ain’t a sin. I’m a strong Catholic and I believe this. Yeah sure God made marriage for man a woman. But listen to this, it isn’t a sin to be attracted to the same gender. God made everyone the way they are. You can’t be a homophob and love God, because then you’re hating something God made, being afraid is different, people who are afraid of it is because they think it’s wrong or were taught that. Sure God did make marriage for man and woman but I quote Taylor Swift on this “but these things will change”. You don’t have to believe this from a Catholic straight girl but I learned this from my Character Ed teacher, and I go to Catholic school for the record. The world isn’t nowhere near perfection but we’re getting closer everyday. Love is love, no human is illegal and these things will change. 🙏🏻🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Dylan Dudley
Dylan Dudley 16 kun oldin
I just wanted to tell yall a little story about a game called “sea of thieves” and so me and my friend were playing having a good time and we were using the rainbow flag 🏳️‍🌈 obviously representing gay people and these people came along spamming in chat “kill all gays and blacks” and I don’t understand people like that you know like why would anyone be like that. I mean I get it people like that exist but I don’t understand why anyone is like that
Enocola 16 kun oldin
Now I'm scared to state my opinion but I'm not gay and am not thinking about... ok I'm homophobic but it's not my job to judge it's the Lord's so I'm going to let them deal with him and not me so. My opinion is stated NOT A HATE COMMENT just a option different than other. I'm ready comments and dislikes I'm ready
xxxgalaxyfriendsxxx 16 kun oldin
I feel you tho Jessica Rabbit 😤✋ My lesbian self goes all over the place-
Bacon _Pug
Bacon _Pug 17 kun oldin
Where my fellow non binary baes at
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 6 kun oldin
Gender fluid:D
Tenma Tsukamoto
Tenma Tsukamoto 17 kun oldin
I love ❤️ girls and boys
ShintoTheProtogenツ 17 kun oldin
:) thanks for the talk
Wolvez Huggin' Cattoz
Wolvez Huggin' Cattoz 17 kun oldin
5:29 Kat, you did. If I have learned one thing from this video, it's that I don't need to hide my feelings from the comments. AND MY FEELINGS ARE THAT- * I think I agree with Kat on this one :3* Being raised by mother who had the most toxic marriage, I'm afraid to go through what she did. I feel more comfortable and open near females. ( I'm female too ) I feel like they'll understand me. And I feel like I have to tell lies about myself near male. I feel like they're almost, I dunno, not very understanding. Now, I know that a lot of people out there are, but man.... THANK YOU KAT! I KNOW U MAD THIS VIDEO 3 YEARS AGO BUT THANK YOU!!
siri_the_kiwi 17 kun oldin
this is just like how i realized how gay i am but i was born into a family full of "hardcore" christians. they would never go against anything that the bible says even in the slightest bit. even whenever i came out to them they didnt believe me at all and told me that what i was feeling wasnt true. im lucky to have people in my life who support me but i feel so bad cause of how long i had hid my own feelings from myself. for anyone that is living in a homophobic household just know that it will get better even if you feel at your worst.
MyffyandLuTube 18 kun oldin
I know a lot of people might say this, but you helped me come out to my closet friends and parents. I hope you are doing ok :)
The Troll
The Troll 18 kun oldin
No it should be returning in the closet
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 6 kun oldin
Beanie Juices
Beanie Juices 18 kun oldin
I admit I'm also aggressively bisexual.
Super Straight
Super Straight 18 kun oldin
I’m not trans phobic don’t judge me
Super Straight
Super Straight 18 kun oldin
I bet 1000 bucks you do go to hell you accept this bet
Jazzy 6 kun oldin
@FoxTale Art big brainnnn
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 6 kun oldin
But God can't send u there if God isn't real
Jazzy 10 kun oldin
aight i take it cuz i dont even believe there is an afterlife
bear 18 kun oldin
Thanks for helping me out ,to come out to my friends ,with this video it was a lot easier
toesucker gon
toesucker gon 18 kun oldin
The fact that she is obsessed with Halsey I kinda relate to that I am obsessed with billie eilish [I know it might sound weird] but what ever does or post it makes me feel happy and loved it makes me cry that the fact I want a hug from her I am obsessed with her tbh I think that's why I like girls
toesucker gon
toesucker gon 18 kun oldin
The fact that i thought I was straight until I met these girl and I really liked her until she had a boyfriend-
Ivan Barbosa
Ivan Barbosa 19 kun oldin
I came out to and nothing made me more happy then telling my family 💖 people are going to hate on people like us buts it's fine cuz they will never understand how we fell and how we love. love is love no matter what people say.💞💟
Charlesxhenry Duran
Charlesxhenry Duran 19 kun oldin
You’re just like me I’m so happy
uniqxereee e
uniqxereee e 19 kun oldin
imgine celebrities u mentioned saw dis
Bread 19 kun oldin
So I know this is a 2 year old video but this video just popped into my mind when I was thinking. 1:10 I'm in a REALLY simular situation and it sucks. The amount of anxiety that the feeling gives me is insane. I haven't said anything like liking the friends SO, but I still feel the emotions towards my friend.
HelpIess 20 kun oldin
💖💛💙 💙💖🤍💖💙
HelpIess 10 kun oldin
@Jazzy :D
Jazzy 10 kun oldin
❤💛💙 💙💖🤍💖💙 finally someone whos trans and pan
Tilli frog the animator
Tilli frog the animator 14 kun oldin
💗 💙💖🤍💖💙
komiiro yuiko
komiiro yuiko 20 kun oldin
Keep posting please
General Student
General Student 20 kun oldin
it is not awful to like the gender you like just be you how cars what others think of you that's their loss you have a community to turn to to help you it is just how you are also for those how this is relevant too you'r can not force you to go to gay conversion therapy or camp
Rylee Lane
Rylee Lane 20 kun oldin
( bisexual story) I was on roblox and in a game called breaking point. My friend was on there too. I had a bisexual flag on to represent myself to roblox. I didn’t know how much hate people will pour down onto u. A man, random man started to flirt with me. I didn’t like that, but then he asked if I was bisexual. Obviously I said yes....but his response was..unsettling towards me. He said “Ew, why would even think that. U should go straight to hell. I feel sorry for u. Ew ew ew. U need help. Stop it.” Those words repeated over and over and over, until I felt tears. This man broke me. He successfully beat me down, until I felt like nothing.... This scene repeats over and over in my head when someone brings up “ bisexual “ Of course I’m still bi, but I’m more cautious of who I give my sexuality to Remember this: No one can change who u are No one can tell u that you’re wrong. You decide your faith You should be accepted for WHO U ARE ♡ never forget that ♡ Quick fact: Halsey is Ashley just jumbled up. And Ashley is her name
cum lord
cum lord 12 kun oldin
@Rylee Lane lmao
Rylee Lane
Rylee Lane 12 kun oldin
Oh yea, u were muted bitch
cum lord
cum lord 12 kun oldin
@Rylee Lane lol
Rylee Lane
Rylee Lane 12 kun oldin
Same for ur comment on here, I’m not trying to assume, but u do seem a little...annoying. If u could kindly stop responding because I don’t want to hear ur very sad comments
cum lord
cum lord 14 kun oldin
@Rylee Lane absolute certified bruh moment
benz 20 kun oldin
when you said who are you, i went ...... fuck I DONT KNOW, my whole life is a dissociated dream im a girl but im not me. this isnt me. i dont LOOK like me
Thedragonwhodraws 20 kun oldin
this video means so much to me im so proud of you you helped me so much on my journey and gods i think i m gonna cry again about this video
FluffySnipes 20 kun oldin
ya know, i want a world where stuff like this dont have to be a sin. it may be unnatural, but it doesn't have to cause all this controversy and harm to the whole community. theres a lot of stuff that, and this is just one example.
Starlight Art
Starlight Art 20 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this video. It means more then you know I am apart of the LGBTQ+ group and am Christian at the same time. (a friend of mine who I would die for) some on helped me figure out that who I am is not something I should or need to be ashamed of. I love you all the GAYS and THEYS
Autumn Siglock
Autumn Siglock 20 kun oldin
Your job is done.
That_one_frog 21 kun oldin
How you came out to ur parents? I don't know how to tell them bc they hate bisexual people, lesbians etc..
FoxTale Art
FoxTale Art 6 kun oldin
Why do they hate 'em
ItzGaby 21 kun oldin
Me who's: lesbian, 10, Christian, mad cause people hating LGBTQ people
Noah Hafer
Noah Hafer 22 kun oldin
bro imagine going to a school in such an unknown town that when you get stabbed by a fellow student for being bi that no one even knows.... my chest still hurts
Anon Amos
Anon Amos 22 kun oldin
Hippitty hoppity we support lgbtq and don’t stopity
aarise 22 kun oldin
aarise 22 kun oldin
as in the good sick y'know that sounded bad lmfao
Purple BOI /purple BITCH
Purple BOI /purple BITCH 23 kun oldin
Jeez that’s good cuz ima boy and a like this boy in my school his name is jayson we in the same class
ZuZu-chan 23 kun oldin
I support u Kat :3
alastor the radio demon
alastor the radio demon 23 kun oldin
* i was scrolling through comments and decided to look back up at the screen and just saw this 2:58* *idk how i feel about this-*
KkFunkin 24 kun oldin
There's no reason gay people should go to hell, so what is the reason heterosexuals have a reserved ticket to heaven?
-HoneyFul -
-HoneyFul - 24 kun oldin
My parents being very Religious a long with my siblings and not liking gay people: Saying something homophobic Me Being not religious (atheist) and Being bi and pan and A trans gender boy: I A M A J O K E T O Y O U
Elizabeth Mccarty
Elizabeth Mccarty 24 kun oldin
I dated a girl that i thought was just lesbian but then after our 2 year together she said she was poly and i broke up with her, Worst Mistake Of My Life.
omgzayden 24 kun oldin
If God hates gay people, why did he create them? Also, God said to not hate on others based on their appearance, ethnicity, sexuality, beliefs, etc.
bcprelude03 25 kun oldin
Is that lucario
Ace 7464
Ace 7464 25 kun oldin
I dont know what i believe in but i know what i dont believe in and i dont believe in judging someone because of whats in there pants nor who they want in there if there is a hell and thats a sin then heaven can be no better
Ayeisha Animic
Ayeisha Animic 25 kun oldin
I believe that God loves everyone, gay or not.
AvaTheArtist 26 kun oldin
hits different now that I realize I’m lgbt and finding out my entire dad’s side of the family is very religious and homophobic, especially my grandmother.
aeyde 24 kun oldin
•Sundaeii• 26 kun oldin
If no one minds, I have a problem and I just want to know what I should do. So about a year ago I met this girl. We both had a love for video games (undertale specifically) and books (wings of fire specifically). After being friends with her for a while I began to realize I liked her. I had never really felt that way before so I decided to push it off and think of it as a new friend fuzziness, but of course no. Months passed and at that point i knew that it was definitely a more than friends thing, and now i wanted to just tell her already. My school never preached if being gay was wrong or right and some of the girls i knew were gay too, that includes her. So if she was fine with having feelings, and everyone else was, why was i worried? I had no idea, but i decided that i would just suck it up and come out to my friends and everything would be fine after i told her that I liked her, even if she said no. When I did, she told me that she liked me but not like that. I was sad for a while. It was weird because I had gotten rejected and that part was sad but something still bugged me. One night while I was talking to my friend about coming out to my parents in June (because of Pride month, but also it's my birthday month). I thought about it and told her that I might but I was worried what they would do. Later on I left my phone on the couch when I went to go take out my dog, when i came back, my mom was snooping through my phone. I remember the worry, and *gay panic.* Guess now was the time she got the explanation. I told her about the girl, the rejection, coming out to my friends, and so on. She was silent for a moment before telling me that (basically) I was wrong. "Ever since you were a little kid you always talked about your prince...You're just being influenced by all of those other people". Now this. This confused me. Not once did I think up till now about how I might be wrong. Was I just acting like I was gay off of what I had seen? Or was I coming out because of what I had seen? Did I really like girls? Was I being influenced? Am I *wrong..?* It's been a while since then, and I'm still confused. I will note that I still think I'm gay, well not gay, I mean I've kind of identified myself as a Panromantic Demisexual. Anyway I guess I'm just asking someone to please help me because I will probably die if I never figure out what the heck I am.
Signe Jourdan
Signe Jourdan 22 kun oldin
Hmmm I would say that you should talk to some of your fellow pride people. I am also very freaking confused about everything and dont know yet. Yeah just try talking to a queer friend you trust
aeyde 24 kun oldin
JustNoah 18
JustNoah 18 26 kun oldin
1:27 i-is that lucario? 😂
Kali Avellone
Kali Avellone 26 kun oldin
i dont care if you are strait or gay i love you your artstyle and your videos no matter what!!!!!!!!!
The Fudanshi Fujoshi
The Fudanshi Fujoshi 27 kun oldin
I just recently accepted the fact that I'm bi and the only person In my family I could tell was my brother he was really good about it needless to say he wasn't thrilled about it but he was ok with me and that gave me some courage although it's hard because both my parents are very open on how they feel about homosexuality and it scares me sometimes but this makes me feel a little bit better thank you and God bless you
Ray Alb
Ray Alb 27 kun oldin
I watched this video 2 years ago when it came out and rewatching it now that i realized more things about myself and let's just say it hits different
weeby 27 kun oldin
Katzun : discovered halsey at 9th grade Me: discovered slipknot at age 13 (death metal band)
Moi Gacha
Moi Gacha 28 kun oldin
Bro when I found out I was trans I was like Wtf, this body ain’t mine-
Coyler Productions
Coyler Productions 28 kun oldin
Gay people: **exist** The Christian Church: *you under estimate my power Anakin!*
Ashleigh Watson
Ashleigh Watson 29 kun oldin
In the UK we have a law that states that teachers can't say anything bad about the LGBTQ+ community. I have a very Lesbian Woodwork teacher and she's very cool. She runs a safe space in school for LGBTQ+ kids.
chilly nez
chilly nez 29 kun oldin
i hate gays lol
•Sundaeii• 16 kun oldin
@Question Mark Mcgee no you don't : )
All my demons greeting me as a friend
All my demons greeting me as a friend 16 kun oldin
@Question Mark Mcgee ??
Question Mark Mcgee
Question Mark Mcgee 16 kun oldin
@All my demons greeting me as a friend ?
Question Mark Mcgee
Question Mark Mcgee 16 kun oldin
@•Sundaeii• what
•Sundaeii• 26 kun oldin
no you don't
Lily Pad
Lily Pad 29 kun oldin
If god created the world, And he created EVERYTHING ON IT, Then why did he create homosexuality if he hates it?
HD Bagels
HD Bagels 29 kun oldin
*based* *on* *true* *events* Me: So how straight are you? Friend: You know when you bend your ruler so hard it snaps?
aeyde 24 kun oldin
I have bendable rubber ruler
RoloSilver Oy oldin
Whenever anyone comes out, it is always exciting times! (In my opinion)
Ariana Ibañez
Ariana Ibañez Oy oldin
what if im lesbian but i dont come out because i dont like dramatic shit?
Callee McAdory
Callee McAdory Oy oldin
this really helps me i have came out to some of my friends and helped them come out at least to me and it makes me fell so happy
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Danny Gonzalez
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Jake Paul DOMINATES Ben Askren | Full Recap | CBS Sports HQ
I'm Transgender - Coming Out pt. 2 - Animation
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Lucas Helth
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My GAY Love Life (Storytime - Speedpaint)
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Ariel Kuo
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Flirting & My Stories
Jaiden Animations
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They/Them (Non-binary Short Film)
Bo Beaufill
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Growing Up Trans [Story Time]
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How I Failed to Make a Best Friend
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Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil | Teaser
Dead by Daylight
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The Kung Fu Panda Ripoff From Your Nightmares
Danny Gonzalez
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.5 mln
Jake Paul DOMINATES Ben Askren | Full Recap | CBS Sports HQ