ART IS DEAD - Animated Music Video about Bipolar Disorder

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Katzun 2 oy oldin
Please feel free to share this video! It really helps me out. (Also for those who don't read descriptions, the song is Art is Dead by Bo Burnham) I also would love to read your theories about what each part and element in this video represents. A lot of it is left up to the interpretation of the viewer :) Also, I am doing really well mentally right now. I am very nervous to share about my mental health and bipolar disorder. I've dealt with it for years and I finally feel comfortable talking about it.
Bruce Boinkers
Bruce Boinkers 6 soat oldin
Sweet Lordy this how I feel all the time with my anxiety and SPD.
furries should die
furries should die 12 kun oldin
We are laughing at a disorder, that the actions the disorder causes idk?
Steen Universe
Steen Universe Oy oldin
aaAaaAaAaaA don’t forget that we love u ok?
Maximo Grayson
Maximo Grayson Oy oldin
@Conor Gordon Damn! It took roughly 15 mins but it worked!!
Conor Gordon
Conor Gordon Oy oldin
dunno if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hack if you wanna try it
-Moxxie - but he’s a gaming god
-Moxxie - but he’s a gaming god 7 soat oldin
*art kill powder*
Vlintique Kun oldin
Made my trans heart soar
Alleycat Mation
Alleycat Mation Kun oldin
I feel this same way with bipolar disorder. U get all these complements but the on the inside. You are like. "I'm not even that confident"
Nia Rich
Nia Rich Kun oldin
This made me cryyYyYyyYy
Puppy Girl
Puppy Girl 2 kun oldin
I got Bipolar Disorder :>
evil_ mcs
evil_ mcs 2 kun oldin
mr. pog
mr. pog 3 kun oldin
I don’t even know who you are and this hit so fucking hard. Take my internet points.
Shady Rose
Shady Rose 4 kun oldin
I understand this since i have this and it like a piece of crap that there be people that say your not but when your really are plus i love how did you in the video it really nice
Intergalactic Clownfish
Intergalactic Clownfish 4 kun oldin
Pineapple shoes
Benjamin Merrill
Benjamin Merrill 4 kun oldin
Beautiful mistakes by maroon five would be another good song I think you could do amazingly
Nailah Heath
Nailah Heath 5 kun oldin
*The art style really reflects her emotions.*
oliver 5 kun oldin
Kat uses they/them btw :)
lotte v
lotte v 5 kun oldin
1:47 hits different
Daria Episheva
Daria Episheva 5 kun oldin
Вау это так красиво 😳🤧 Не могу перестать пересматривать
Alivia Bullard
Alivia Bullard 6 kun oldin
I have no words...just ecept my virtual hug:)
twisted dragonlord
twisted dragonlord 7 kun oldin
'ART IS Dead' "me" that is bullshit
wow_its_grey 8 kun oldin
I thought that the colour palette was yellow and blue which gives the feelings of sadness and happiness but then i remembered I'm colourblind
River Styx
River Styx 8 kun oldin
*Dont mind me sobbing in the corner 🙃*
Ronnie B.
Ronnie B. 8 kun oldin
This is crisp
Shroom the Red Panda
Shroom the Red Panda 8 kun oldin
I hope you realize that you being open with your mental health and struggles helps other creators share about their experiences and feel more comfortable here, thank you for being an inspiration to those people
strawberry fox
strawberry fox 8 kun oldin
god, katzun, this is really really good! i’m glad you’re spreading awareness about these topics. you’ve really helped me and others realise things about ourselves. hope you have an alright day. be comfy :)
F R 9 kun oldin
Average does not mean good Average does not mean bad Disabled does not mean good Disabled does not mean bad Bad = Bad Good = Good “You are not good or bad because of disabilities you are good or bad because of who you are” -Fernando.
Questionable Kumquat
Questionable Kumquat 9 kun oldin
What’s Bipolar disorder?
imalazydogowo velazquez
imalazydogowo velazquez 10 kun oldin
that person made the song left brain rigth brain i have bad spelling
CupvChino 10 kun oldin
Hey Kat, I just wanted to say thank you You helped me through so much with your art/animations and all You're an amazing person, we're all people Thank you
yomi 10 kun oldin
I'm sorry, this was a whole MASTERPIECE, thank you for the hard work
Fairy Blu
Fairy Blu 11 kun oldin
So I'm not neurotypical but I don't have bipolar disorder either. So I can relate in the sense of having a disorder but not in the sense of having bipolar. This video is really enlightening and educating for not only neurotypical people but for people who struggle with a disorder but don't know about BPD as it is so often mixed up with borderline personality disorder. So thank you for teaching me this.
Ghost Bunny
Ghost Bunny 11 kun oldin
I’m speechless bro wtf keep up the outstanding artwork my guy
BanannaArtist B
BanannaArtist B 11 kun oldin
Wonderful! :)
The Other Robin
The Other Robin 11 kun oldin
If you are one of the people who disliked this then I will come to your house and place lego bricks randomly all over your floor so that you step on them all day all the time :)
The one true weeb pog champ
The one true weeb pog champ 12 kun oldin
The 8D audio at the beginning actually fooled me for a second lol
Alba Confusion
Alba Confusion 13 kun oldin
I acctually love the things you do i acctually got into tying to animate because so thank you again I love the things you do :D
Seed 13 kun oldin
The animation is awesome. My favourite part that I really noticed was when the character jumped off the stage, and down a hole. It was awesome, you’re awesome
Bhodi 13 kun oldin
This was amazing!!!! The way the scene changed like a swinging light was super cool! Everything about this was awesome :))
dale will
dale will 13 kun oldin
Waw I like the music and I like the voice and the animation could u teach me this level of art am 16 in May 2021
Not Ashleigh
Not Ashleigh 15 kun oldin
Okay didn't ask
Not Ashleigh
Not Ashleigh 4 kun oldin
@Whitty mf you gonna get mad over a joke?
Whitty 4 kun oldin
58,000 others did though. Who asked for your opinion?
Emilio Torano
Emilio Torano 15 kun oldin
It really hit different seeing the Seroquel,, I’m on it for bipolar disorder as well and it’s been pretty ok
{C1oudy} 15 kun oldin
The lyrics tho: 0:53
SkulleI 16 kun oldin
This is amazing!!
Suffu Go OWO
Suffu Go OWO 16 kun oldin
Your channel is my favorite! I hope to become a wonderful artist as you are...but I probably won't.
Suffu Go OWO
Suffu Go OWO 16 kun oldin
as wonderful an artist*
Mushroom Queen
Mushroom Queen 17 kun oldin
1:57 I have a strange connection with those lyrics
mustardisyellow 18 kun oldin
i loved this i hope your doing well:D!!!
Madeleine Grace
Madeleine Grace 18 kun oldin
art is dead by bo burnham was actually the song that helped me with my identity crisis, and i felt like it was weird for it to be such a negative song, that made me feel better about myself; but then i realised it was because it reminded me that there are other people out there who experience similar things, and by realising that, you slowly start to unalienate yourself. I love you all so much! remember to try your best to stay healthy and dont overwork yourself. You are worth it. ❤
Foxy 6 Wild
Foxy 6 Wild 18 kun oldin
Shadow Boba
Shadow Boba 19 kun oldin
Are you ok?! Need a hug?! Need food to help?! Need mom love?! :(
Keyora 19 kun oldin
being called selfish as a bipolar person is one of the worst feelings ever.
Ana Kuga
Ana Kuga 21 kun oldin
Love your work!!!
Maximushyper 21 kun oldin
Pollo :)
Kazu 21 kun oldin
Little Devil Red
Little Devil Red 22 kun oldin
My mom has bipolar disorder, and while she was having manic and depressive episodes back in 2020, she was also having psychotic episodes, in which she had 6 psychotic episodes. She hurt me a lot during those times, she was already pretty ab.sive but in the state she was in, everything she did to me just compounded. I don't want to be mad at her, I don't want to hate her, but I can't forgive her for everything she has said and did to me. This gives me a good view though, on how mom feels. I can't forgive her yet, but maybe someday I can.
Little Devil Red
Little Devil Red 21 kun oldin
@Katzun thank you so much 💙 I hope she does too. For now I'm scared to be around her since she snaps at everything. But maybe she'll get better control one day. I've been a fan of your content for a long time, during my mom's episodes, your videos in general kept me feeling alright. I consumed a lot of media to distract myself and your animations along with other youtubers encouraged me to try to create stuff. I'm really sucky at it but thank you for making your content, it helped me cope and encouraged me to do art more seriously. 💙💙💙
Katzun 22 kun oldin
mental illness is an explanation for our actions, but it is not an excuse. I am so sorry your mom has it and it caused her to hurt you. You do not ever have to forgive her, that is perfectly fine. Bipolar disorder is extremely hard to handle, and I hope she can one day better manage it
Celaxi 22 kun oldin
hi kat nice video
Hannah Martinez
Hannah Martinez 23 kun oldin
i think it's really cool how you can use animation to share stories and vent emotions like this. beautiful work, kat. it's really cool to see how far you've come over the past few years :D
mocatdow 23 kun oldin
My mother suffered from untreated bipolar disorder for most of my childhood, and this animatic displays what it was like. She would get into these moods where she thought she was the top of the world and always right, often causing fights over it. Afterwards, after she realized what she did, she would get into these horrible depressive states where she would cry almost constantly and would put herself down. I would keep with her through it all, and though she’s gotten therapy and medication I won’t ever forget what that was like.
jul j
jul j 23 kun oldin
I love this so much this should have even more views tbh
Ghostiee 24 kun oldin
This is one of my favorite songs and favorite content creators. It’s perfect.
maxi squad :D
maxi squad :D 24 kun oldin
perfect 👌
Lewis 24 kun oldin
This was really amazing!
TotalDUDE TheDude
TotalDUDE TheDude 25 kun oldin
I’m sorry
The Artist
The Artist 25 kun oldin
This is great!
Mr ezTr
Mr ezTr 26 kun oldin
Привет Katzun! Мне нравятся твой видео и да я русский. Хз почему не написал ето на английском...
Dex Does Stuff
Dex Does Stuff 27 kun oldin
This hits hard, especially when dealing with things like this
Spikedvampero 27 kun oldin
bo burnham such a good fucking comedian/singer MMM
Enderman Furry
Enderman Furry 28 kun oldin
Ah k so art is like me on the inside
The Artist
The Artist 28 kun oldin
I ❤ katzun
Ayeisha Animic
Ayeisha Animic 28 kun oldin
Katzun, I think that you'll like She-Ra
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 29 kun oldin
This is amazing. I love it.
THE GLIZZY MAN 29 kun oldin
If i see colored haired people there gay because they like furries
Kazu 21 kun oldin
@Fernanda Calderón why you gae
THE GLIZZY MAN 21 kun oldin
Theres a video called pollo criollo im a rapper free clout
THE GLIZZY MAN 21 kun oldin
@Llama Farmer na its me rappers name lil glizzy
Llama Farmer
Llama Farmer 22 kun oldin
@THE GLIZZY MAN Wait a minute .. you like glizzys? Sounds kinda gay to me
Krista Allen
Krista Allen 22 kun oldin
@THE GLIZZY MAN Wow that's a great argument /s
THE GLIZZY MAN 29 kun oldin
Furrys are bad they represent a bad community
TigerMyth 17 kun oldin
The furry community may not have the best reputation, but that doesn't mean that all people who draw "furrys" are automatically bad. Sometimes they're just people who like drawing anthro animals, and aren't even involved with the online community.
THE GLIZZY MAN 29 kun oldin
Bra this is gay for gay people
Kazu 21 kun oldin
@Basil why are you gae
THE GLIZZY MAN 26 kun oldin
@Fernanda Calderón YU GAY YU VAD
Fernanda Calderón
Fernanda Calderón 26 kun oldin
@THE GLIZZY MAN first learn how to type and no I don't want to shut up
THE GLIZZY MAN 26 kun oldin
@Fernanda Calderón Yu shot da fak OP
Fernanda Calderón
Fernanda Calderón 26 kun oldin
@THE GLIZZY MAN at least basil have more brain than you
Eva Yoon
Eva Yoon Oy oldin
Bruh I’m the only one in my school who likes to watch bo burnham like what the hecc (to be fair I don really think other middle schoolers watch comedians very much)
Milo_TheFurry_exe Oy oldin
Is it just me or is this animation freaking awesome? Oh it’s everyone else too? good.
Zoe m
Zoe m Oy oldin
Catabby 2
Catabby 2 Oy oldin
*I'm definitely not crying* *That's a complete lie I am crying a lot* TwT
Nia Rich
Nia Rich Oy oldin
I have bipolar disorder and I endorse this message
Jess Cole
Jess Cole Oy oldin
I hope you're doing good, Kat!!! 😺 I wish I could say the same about my mum though. She has bipolar disorder and she doesn't take her medicine. I'm not saying that all bipolar people are like that, but I just want to help her. If you had any advice, I would really appreciate it ❤️
Sixten Eklund
Sixten Eklund Oy oldin
I don't have bipolar disorder but as an introvert who have been depressed, this just hits... diferently.
ShaedTheMoron Oy oldin
I know this comment wont mean much and will probably get drowned but it's 100% okay to not feel like talking about your problems, and it's also perfectly okay to find other ways to Express them and get support. Everyone goes through something different in life and you're not alone. Why did I make this at 4 am help
strawberry spore
strawberry spore Oy oldin
I love bo Burnham too!
Nacs Sketcher
Nacs Sketcher Oy oldin
I thought this was a comedic song.
MiniFatRat Oy oldin
No lmao are you not listening to lyrics lmao
Ayaatar Iq
Ayaatar Iq Oy oldin
me when panic attack
Dual_Doodles Oy oldin
Mmmmm this feels like imposter syndrome
Delilah Oy oldin
Amazing tooo
Delilah Oy oldin
Snozzle !
Snozzle ! Oy oldin
My grandmother has bipolar disorder and I get it. Sometimes being around her can be tough because she's not the best person to begin with. Sometimes she's needy and worried and calls 5 times a day and sometimes she's fine on her own, even with medication. My mom says it was worse before, much worse. And that switch happens within a week. Most of the time like 3 days
Massai Parker
Massai Parker Oy oldin
What’s Bipolar disorder
i eat trains
i eat trains 21 kun oldin
someone with bipolar goes through drastic mood changes known as mania and depression. in mania, someone with bp will feel on top of the world, may have rapid speech, increased activity levels, poor decision making, and high self esteem. depression is the opposite, and pretty self explanatory if you know what depression is, bp depression can result in extreme negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of emptiness, and (sometimes) suicidal thoughts + actions. these swings last for several days, and do NOT switch on and off throughout the day. instead, someone with bp might be manic for 6 days, then afterwards experience a depressive episode for 14 days. there are two types of bp: bipolar 1 and bipolar 2. bp1 is the more intense one, where manic episodes last for more than 7 days and may require hospitalization. bp2 has less intense manic episodes, lasting less than 7 days, and instead of experiencing mania, they have hypomania/hypomanic episodes (basically mania but less intense). hope i covered anything
lionfrost Oy oldin
Blits Rainer
Blits Rainer Oy oldin
Interesting kind of inspiration. though sometimes if life is rough just listen to music from Persona 5 and should help motivate art sometimes. especially River in the Desert.
arob3409 Oy oldin
Hey katzun i cant draw good ;-; but your a artist at drawing like a boss
Darwin Oy oldin
God this was super fucking good, definitely subscribed. I have Bipolar type II and this piece really resonated with me. I especially like your use of the contrasting colors to represent the manic and depressive states, your staging is excellent as well. The scene where it repeats 'I am an artist' really hit home. I've been through many different treatments over the course of my life. It makes me tear up a bit seeing other people go through the struggles of being neurodivergent, but also show that they are doing their best to overcome the hand they've been dealt. Great work and wonderful art, so glad this came up in my feed.
i eat trains
i eat trains 21 kun oldin
i also have bipolar type 2, hope you’re doing well my friend
Onalee McGuire
Onalee McGuire Oy oldin
Your art has improved so fucking much over the course of your channel, I’m so stunned ❤️😭🥺
Christian Foox
Christian Foox Oy oldin
*insert confused minor screaming* I swear I have the bipolar disorder, because of how fast and sudden my mood changes with no diddly darn reason. My parents just say it’s cuz I’m a teen and yada yada, which is a possibility but I seriously think I have it. >:/
c0m13_sl4y3r 24 kun oldin
bipolar isnt just sudden mood changes its episodes that last a few days, weeks or even months
Kayaking Manatee
Kayaking Manatee Oy oldin
People really need to realize that animation takes a long time. THAT'S why he "Doesn't post" also, he does? It can take months to animate, it's not like a couple screenshots and kinemaster. The type of animation Katzun does is art he makes, so the longer he takes the better his videos will be, so we should actually be LUCKY Katzun takes a long time, not angry. I'd like to see the haters animate videos super quick that are each like 10+ minutes!
Catherine Gonzalez
Catherine Gonzalez 9 kun oldin
@Kayaking Manatee oh no worries :) (I would edit the comment for they instead of he
Kayaking Manatee
Kayaking Manatee 9 kun oldin
@Catherine Gonzalez oh sorry I thought they used he so sorry !!
Catherine Gonzalez
Catherine Gonzalez 15 kun oldin
They use they/them pronouns! But I agree
Jon Williams
Jon Williams Oy oldin
awesome, cool, helpful, selfless, smart, supportive, talented= KATZUN
• SKALPEL • Oy oldin
Вау, это посто супер!!!💜
• busuna •
• busuna • Oy oldin
am i the only one who wants to hug them?? (kat) (dislike if u agree .-w-.
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Oy oldin
Alessio Navone
Alessio Navone Oy oldin
It is the 7 time that I watch it. I LOVE IT
Анастасия Заламай
Анастасия Заламай Oy oldin
I love youuuuuuuuu Katzun♥╣[-_-]╠♥
Mailea Sorensen
Mailea Sorensen Oy oldin
this is so amazing
Orange neko
Orange neko Oy oldin
Im not bi polar but this applies to me kinda (I feel like an attention seeker cuz I’m pan) Also Katzun, I don’t care about the haters because your a sweet LGBTQ role model! Stay safe,kind,and love yourself.
fat pancake lord
fat pancake lord Oy oldin
*ARE YOU OK !!!!!!* Jucyfruitsnacks~
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