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Joshua Michaud
Joshua Michaud 7 soat oldin
This is my love life That one gold digger Ya nothing the one down side of being an introvert
-Moxxie - but he’s a gaming god
-Moxxie - but he’s a gaming god 7 soat oldin
*art kill powder*
Joshua Michaud
Joshua Michaud 7 soat oldin
I loved the worrier cats book I was only able to read the first one 2 years ago but still a good book
Joshua Michaud
Joshua Michaud 7 soat oldin
I run out of bathrooms in fear because when I was little my grandma made me turn of the bathroom light when left so as a dumb kid thinking dark=death I ran and I did it so much that it became muscle memory even to this day I can be in the bathroom when the toilet flushes I tryed but couldn’t do it I know there’s nothing but by brain think oh shit the toilet flushed we need to get out
gia lonn
gia lonn 7 soat oldin
ok but all their art is the shitttttttttttttt
Chung-zi Awesome IV
Chung-zi Awesome IV 8 soat oldin
I'm not a furry *but*
Blake Waters
Blake Waters 9 soat oldin
solo_drwolfy 10 soat oldin
It starts at 1:26
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 10 soat oldin
saelum 1 year ago
saelum 1 year ago 12 soat oldin
bc of art theifs im scared to post my art
Lela Graeber
Lela Graeber 12 soat oldin
we are the same.
Skyla Mochi
Skyla Mochi 13 soat oldin
I’m Kai...I’m gender fluid bisexual I go by my legal name when I’m female. My sister who is trans excepts me for who I am as well as my mom. However, my dad is homophobic and I’m scared to tell him because I don’t want to be kick out...
l 13 soat oldin
*Not me coming out to my friend by saying a girl in our class is really pretty and telling them I felt some type of way when she called me pretty*
The crooked
The crooked 13 soat oldin
The crooked
The crooked 13 soat oldin
I remember this :D
Blake Waters
Blake Waters 14 soat oldin
Blake Waters
Blake Waters 14 soat oldin
BabyBee's shenanigans
BabyBee's shenanigans 15 soat oldin
this didn't age well lol
road burrito
road burrito 17 soat oldin
"Who are you?" I'm a lesbian, nonbinary. My name is now Jay I've only known that for a week or two. I actually dont really identify myself with nonbinary, I dont identify with anything when it comes to gender and i use all pronouns.
road burrito
road burrito 17 soat oldin
Jessica Rabbit: Boobydoo Doopygoo everyone who see me is gay and so are YOU
•A L I•
•A L I• 19 soat oldin
Kat, I know how you feel about animation. I did a project for school that i decided will be an animation, and i just started doing THE FRICKING LINE ART (+ i need to get it done till thursday)
Adrubb Adventures
Adrubb Adventures 20 soat oldin
I once mentioned that I enjoyed playing in a childish manner with toys, and when the people at my high school suggested I play with action figures, like because I am biologically male, I said that stuffed animals and plushies are more my speed. they looked at me funny, but I didn't care.
destiny kerbs
destiny kerbs 23 soat oldin
i live in montana and its fun to ride in the bed
Vlintique Kun oldin
Made my trans heart soar
Polina Lozenko
Polina Lozenko Kun oldin
Wait so you now control your prosopagnosia or you still have a low score i didnt understand
HydroEel667 Kun oldin
Bruh imagine boning a zombie like, is that necrophilia or naw 🤨
HydroEel667 Kun oldin
Is this song from where I think its from..?
ghost Drawwws
ghost Drawwws Kun oldin
hey katzun do you now thei is a tv show where they somtimes talk about face blindness its named the great north recommendid it has the same style as bobs burgers
HydroEel667 Kun oldin
DragonFeather Kun oldin
I had a teacher kinda just like that in 1st grade. She was horrible
DragonFeather Kun oldin
Very good moral
DragonFeather Kun oldin
This video caused me to sub to so many more ppl o-o
peppermint Kun oldin
Боже это... Это чудо
DragonFeather Kun oldin
Bruuuhh! The "art is easy" one is so reliable!!! Im working on this animation, and my friend wanted to see it, and shes like "how long is it?" I was like, "uhhh like 48 seconds" and she's like, "that's it!?" Like. Bruuuh! Making a full, colored and realistic animation takes foreverrrrr. Its not that easy!
DragonFeather Kun oldin
"If only I had friends to help me, but, *laughs* I dont have any friends" 🤣🤣🤣 had me weak
DragonFeather Kun oldin
I love this song 🤣🤣
DragonFeather Kun oldin
Omg this made me cry...
Moon stars
Moon stars Kun oldin
I’m *not gonna say real name* and I’m lesbian :D
Shalisa The skinny legend
Shalisa The skinny legend Kun oldin
People should stop the hate we didnt ask for their comment or there pain they are bringing to other people
DragonFeather Kun oldin
This made me so sad... I know sexism and racism is real, but I never actually here stories like this, or people say sexist or rasist things, but its so sad to hear 😭 wtf is wrong with humanity 🥺
DragonFeather Kun oldin
This is so cute 🥺❤
The Fite Show
The Fite Show Kun oldin
i always pushed myself too hard when i was younger and made the decision to stop. and now everyone thinks im a lazy ass. cant win at this game of life
DragonFeather Kun oldin
Pfft, I mean like. What even IS a furry
Amaya Jackson
Amaya Jackson Kun oldin
oh before katzun was out, i nearly choked on my grape juice
Ava Suri
Ava Suri Kun oldin
I watched Hamilton, and I'm sorry to say, not a HUGE fan. Now I'm afraid that it will come back for me in a few months and start a new era of my life....
Ghost dog
Ghost dog Kun oldin
I literally love you so much kat 💜
Sexy Piece of Ass
Sexy Piece of Ass Kun oldin
I honestly dunno what I am, I *think* I'm an introvert but I'm not like "Social interaction that's not online, get it away from me". I actually want to talk to people but I just can't.
Donovan Stribling
Donovan Stribling Kun oldin
I'm bi
Sophhh Kun oldin
i just read a book about this :)
Feather tail
Feather tail Kun oldin
"And I don't want to make out with a box of Nerds." *Not with that aditude-*
•Chibuki!• Kun oldin
I left a comment on this video 11 months ago saying I’m genderfluid and bisexual little did I know I’m actually trans ftm and bisexual lmfaoooo
Michie Valenzuela
Michie Valenzuela Kun oldin
Alleycat Mation
Alleycat Mation Kun oldin
I feel this same way with bipolar disorder. U get all these complements but the on the inside. You are like. "I'm not even that confident"
"Who are you" a bi trans girl who hates herself
The Artist
The Artist Kun oldin
This is the first katzun video I ever watched.
Pencil Thorn ?
Pencil Thorn ? Kun oldin
'who am I' I am a -------- year old cis girl from America. I'm luckily to be LDS and panromantic at the same time and keep a solid home life. I was given a safe home so I can provide safety to my friends with out one. I am grateful that I have a solid platform me and my friends can stand on to fight for our selves and that I have enough experience I can tell jerkwads from every end of the spectrum of life to get lost. I was told that I couldn't really be pan if I still loved my religion but my friends helped me keep my head and now I can use my position as a safe haven for every type of person. I've had struggles but now that I am where I am, I am proud.
Wolfy Gege
Wolfy Gege Kun oldin
Potato Productions
Potato Productions Kun oldin
Kat: I thought I was gonna do so well Me: hiding my answer sheet
Anju :D
Anju :D Kun oldin
why the flying frick are there so many dislikes-
PinkyThePinkCat Kun oldin
Your a furry? Cool me to! :D
Potato Productions
Potato Productions Kun oldin
I have allwase loved the changes. They provide a visual variety and is extremely refreshing.
Pencil Thorn ?
Pencil Thorn ? Kun oldin
Yo PSA! if any jerk using religion as a crutch to spout their opinions tries to throw Leviticus 18:22 at you ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS "go read Matthew 7:1 again." If they know the verse it should shut them up immediately, if not and they look it up later they will feel like the worst idiot. For context this it the verse. "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"
Potato Productions
Potato Productions Kun oldin
I recognize people by their hair and voice. Based on that I give them a made up nickname because I will never rember their face/actual name.
Kabuki TheManokit
Kabuki TheManokit Kun oldin
i just took the test and scored lower then kat, i guess i have face blindness lol.
O5-1 Kun oldin
i am really questioning my existence at this point i hate furries
Nia Rich
Nia Rich Kun oldin
This made me cryyYyYyyYy
Anoymous Kitten
Anoymous Kitten Kun oldin
I can't remeber people based off of a face I usually have to learn there voice
Hawaii Kawaii
Hawaii Kawaii Kun oldin
Lonely Weeb
Lonely Weeb Kun oldin
0:39, tell me why I thought Palpatine was a Seal
Hawaii Kawaii
Hawaii Kawaii Kun oldin
3# is me Undertale aus
foxy wolf
foxy wolf Kun oldin
Your heart yeah I don't want your heart and just want your heart yeah oh
Lila Rooney
Lila Rooney Kun oldin
Thank you so much for this video I’m Omnisexual and this is so helpful because I’m still in the closet
Zen The Royal Caln
Zen The Royal Caln Kun oldin
Bro you look so cute! I love seeing the face cam!
solo_drwolfy Kun oldin
lolbitg X wolfer :3
lolbitg X wolfer :3 Kun oldin
lolbitg X wolfer :3
lolbitg X wolfer :3 Kun oldin
I don't have face blindness but it's kinda hard too remember too
ckilzio gamer
ckilzio gamer Kun oldin
Dylan Sandbrook
Dylan Sandbrook 2 kun oldin
2:48 cute
Dylan Sandbrook
Dylan Sandbrook 2 kun oldin
favourite style, has pawbs 10/10
Janna Viel Meneza
Janna Viel Meneza 2 kun oldin
Mali pagpa speling mo gen To mag speling ng cat not a Kat